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Road safety road shows

Engaging, interactive resources that bring road safety education to life.

Our interactive road safety roadshow resources are available to schools, third-level institutions and business and community groups. These roadshows bring road safety education to life in an engaging, interactive and memorable way. 

We have age-appropriate resources for children, teenagers and adults alike so you’ll find something to hold your group’s attention and build their road safety awareness.

StreetSmart (for children aged 4-12)


StreetSmart brings road safety to life in a fun way for young children. Using a pretend streetscape mat and props, children are invited to carry out everyday road safety tasks. They learn from their own experiences and those of their classmates through a series of activities such as:

  • role playing and dress-up
  • storytelling
  • road safety games
  • interactive road safety Q&A game.

StreetSmart is designed for three distinct age groups: 4-5, 5-8 and 8-12 years, with a combination of interactive activities suitable for each age group.

Book or get more information on StreetSmart for your school or group

If you’re interested in getting our StreetSmart resource for your school or community group, please:
  • email [email protected]
  • book a visit from our Road Safety Education Service
  • For more information or to contact one of our road safety promotion officers, please email [email protected]
The streetscape mat can be set up in your school or community hall but we will need to discuss space, size and other requirements before final booking. 

Our staff will facilitate activities and work with teachers or group leaders beforehand
to decide suitable road safety lessons for participating children. 

StreetSmart is free of charge and great fun for everyone!

RSA interactive shuttle (for all age groups)

RSA Shuttle

Our road safety interactive unit, known as the Shuttle, is a highly popular and educational road safety experience. It’s a superb learning tool to get across important and life-saving road safety messages in a highly memorable way.

What you can do on our shuttle unit:

  • Practice your driving and hazard perception skills on our state-of the art car, motorbike or bicycle simulators.
  • Experience first-hand the dangers of driving and texting and driver fatigue.
  • Try the brake reaction timer to see how driving environments and speed affect your braking distances.
  • Learn about tyre safety as your tyres are your only contact with the road!
  • Play interactive road safety games.


Book or get more information on our interactive shuttle unit

To book our shuttle unit or find out more information, please email [email protected].

Our road safety educators will facilitate all arrangements and activities for this unit. 

The shuttle unit is free of charge. 



Roll over simulator (for ages 16-45)

car rollover simulator

The roll over simulator – a car body fitted into a rotating hydraulic platform - is a highly effective and interactive learning tool that highlights the importance of wearing a seat belt. You sit into the simulator and then experience a full or a half rotation.

What you can do on our roll over simulator

  • Experience how it would feel if you were in a car which turned over in a collision.
  • Discover the lifesaving benefits of wearing a seat belt should your car roll over in a collision. 
  • Witness life-size mannequins in a simulated collision to show what happens to a person when they are not wearing a seat belt.


Book or get more information on our roll over simulator

To book our roll over simulator (which accompanies the shuttle unit) or find out more information, please email [email protected].

Our road safety educators will facilitate all arrangements and activities for this unit.

The roll over simulator is free of charge.

Check it Fits (free child car seat checking service)

Man with small child in car

Our Check it Fits service aims to save lives by ensuring child car seats are properly fitted in cars. Our research shows that 4 out of 5 child car seats are incorrectly fitted. We want to change this statistic.

So, no matter what make or model of car or car seat you have, you can avail of this free service. Our expert child car seat checkers will fix any incorrectly fitted seats or harnesses, show you how to do it yourself and answer any queries you have. 

Check it Fits service - virtual appointments only due to Covid-19 restrictions

Generally, our free child car seat checking service is performed in person at suitable locations throughout the country. Due to current Covid-19 health guidelines, we can only offer this service virtually. As a result, this comes with some logistical and time restrictions:

  • Your mobile device must be easily portable, have a camera and internet access.
  • Car seats will be physically adjusted by you - not by our expert checkers. The checker will talk you through the steps to check and adjust the child car seat(s) correctly and answer any questions you may have.
  • The length of your appointment will depend on the number of child car seats requiring a check.


Things to know before you book our Check it Fits service

To make your booking and virtual appointment as hassle-free as possible, here are a few things you should know in advance:

  • If you wish to get more than one child car seat checked, please select the ‘2 or more Child Car Seat checks’ option.
  • You will be asked to provide basic personal details: name, email and mobile phone number.
  • You will be asked to provide the weight and height of your child or children. This enables us to check that your seat(s) are suitable for your child or children.
  • You will be asked to provide information on your car – year, make and model – and child car seat(s) ­– make and model. This enables us to check whether your seat(s) are compatible with your vehicle.
  • During the appointment, the checker will ask you to show them the child car seat in place so make sure your mobile device has a camera and internet access.
  • If you have particular issues or concerns you would like to discuss during the virtual appointment, you should add this information in the notes box provided on the booking form.
  • Once your booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email to the address provided as well as a reminder ahead of your appointment.
  • You can cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time should you become unavailable.


Book a virtual appointment or get more information on our Check it Fits service

Our virtual appointments take place via Microsoft Teams. If you are not familiar with this video conferencing tool, you can find out how Microsoft Teams works.

To schedule a virtual appointment with one of our expert checkers, please use our CIFs booking button below.

For all other queries about our Check it Fits service, please email [email protected].

Remember, our service is free and open to all makes and models of cars and child car seats.

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