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Trailer caravans

Type-approval, testing, registration, overall length. 

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Frequently asked questions

It is a light trailer which is considered a special purpose vehicle with a design gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3,500 kg.

A trailer caravan is considered to be a special purpose vehicle which is a vehicle ‘having specific technical features in order to perform a function which requires special arrangements and/or equipment’. For further details on obtaining type-approval for brand new unregistered vehicles only, contact National Standards Authority of Ireland NSAI.

No. There is no roadworthiness testing required on light trailer caravans under 3,500 kg. However, Irish road traffic laws place an onus on the owner and driver of such a vehicle to ensure it is always maintained in a roadworthy condition and does not present a danger to any road user.

You will need to refer to your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer or authorised distributor. Each vehicle has its own towing capacity or limit. For further information, see our FAQ webpage on towing and vehicle towing capacity.

You will need to contact the original manufacturer or authorised distributor.

Under S.I. No. 5 of 2003, the overall length of a combination of vehicles should not exceed 18.75m.

Under lighting regulations, where the combination of vehicles exceeds 13 metres in overall length, one rear marking or LONG VEHICLE sign should be displayed.

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