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Our new TV led E-scooter campaign aims to raise awareness of the new e-scooter laws.

The campaign goes live from Monday 20 May to coincide with the enactment of the new legislation.  

The campaign is set in an office environment where we see colleagues welcome the newbie.  The colleagues are dressed up as various characters such as a car, bus, truck, motorbike and bicycle and the newbie E-scooter. We see the characters interact with each other while highlighting six of the rules of the road that apply to E-scooter use.

The campaign is supported by video on demand, radio, digital audio, social media and out of home advertising.

E-scooters have been around a while now but as of 20 May they are set to be officially legal to use in Ireland. The full set of rules can be viewed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The six rules that the campaign highlights include: 

  • You must be 16 years or over to use an e-scooter. 

  • E-scooters are not permitted on footpaths.

  • E-scooters must not exceed 20Km/h. 

  • E-scooter users must not carry goods or passengers.

  • E-scooters must follow the same rules of the road as cyclists. 

  • They must be treated with the same care as cyclists.

Road Safety E-scooters

From e-scooter laws and rules of the road to fines and tech specs, our FAQs answer your most common queries.

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