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Reflective markings on heavy commercial vehicles

Marking requirements for heavy commercial vehicles.

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Frequently asked questions

Reflective or high visibility or Conspicuity markings are required on the following vehicles and trailers or combinations:

*Design gross vehicle weight (DGVW) is the weight of a vehicle or trailer, including the maximum load it can carry as per manufacturer’s design specifications.

Either Irish markings or UN ECE Regulation 104 markings are acceptable in Ireland.

Tape used for retro-reflective marking to UN ECE 104 standard must be type approved and carry E markings at least every 50 cm.

See our detailed Reflective vehicle markings specifications or alternatively refer to HCV Manual.

Side reflectors are strips of material which run along the side of the vehicle.

Side markers are amber lamps which are fitted to the side of a vehicle or trailer every 3 m. or less.

Yes, if they exceed 3,500 kg or form part of a combination of vehicles exceeding 11 m. overall in length. However, if you are being contracted to do work for a local authority or agency, they may require reflective markings or chevrons to be fitted to your vehicle(s) as part of the job. In this situation you would need to contact them directly.

Heavy commercial vehicles

Vehicle standards for heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) in Ireland. Safety checks, walkaround checks, certificate of roadworthiness (CRW), maintenance and repair.