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Mobile phones and distractions

Highlighting the dangers and consequences of using a mobile phone while driving.

Anatomy of a split second 

Our campaign highlights the consequences of using a mobile phone while driving. It’s the biggest cause of driver distraction. 


When you use your mobile behind the wheel, taking your mind and eyes off the road for just a split second, it can destroy everything forever. 

The campaign focuses on that split second when everything can change. It shows a series of actions, split seconds caught in a loop, the consequences are harmless. However, as our focus moves to the road, we see that a driver is texting on his mobile phone while driving. In that split second we see that a collision with a family is devastatingly imminent. 

So the next time you’re driving and you hear your phone beep, ask yourself, would it kill you to put it away? 



  • According to international research distracted driving could be a factor in as many 20-30% of all collisions in this country. This means that driver distraction could be a contributory factor in over 1,400 fatal and injury collisions annually. 

The driver attitude and behaviour survey 2020 showed; 

  • 9% of motorists reveal they talk, at least sometimes, on a handheld mobile phone while driving 
  • 1 in 10 drivers admit to texting, at least sometimes, while driving
  • 9% of motorists check apps, at least sometimes, while driving 

 You are four times more likely to be involved in a collision, if you use a mobile phone while driving’*

* World Health Organisation 2021’ you can link it to this Road traffic injuries (

Drivers spend up to 400% more time with their eyes off the road when text messaging than when not text messaging (Hosking, Young, & Regan, 2006, Monash University, Australia).

Mobile phones 

Our TV and radio ads highlight the consequences of using a mobile phone while driving. 

 radio ad 
RSA Mobile Phone Driving pdf | 1541 KB

Don’t look back 

Our campaign highlights the dangers of being distracted by children while driving.