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Seatbelts in motorhomes, motor caravans and campervans

Use of seatbelts in motorhomes, motor caravans and campervans.

This content is for general information only. It does not, and is not intended to, provide legal or technical advice or to represent a legal interpretation of the matters it addresses.

Frequently asked questions

All new motorhomes built since 29 April 2012 must be type-approved to a European safety standard and so must have seat belts fitted to all seats designed to be used while the vehicle is in motion.

If your motorhome was built before 29 April 2012, seatbelts need to be fitted to the front of the motorhome.

Seat belts are not legally required to be fitted to seats in the back of motorhomes, but we recommend you consider fitting and wearing them for your own safety. Note that where seat belts are fitted, they must be worn.

Yes. There is no law against the use of lap belts i.e., two-point belts, however three point belts are safer unless the seat is side facing.

It is not recommended because a seat belt is not as effective in such a position. Two-point safety belts or lap belts may be used on a side facing seat.

Yes. However, we strongly recommend a side-facing seat should not be used while a vehicle is in motion as it does not provide the same level of protection as forward or rearward facing seats.

Yes. Any seat belt retrofitted must be certified by an automotive engineer and a report presented at test.

Only type-approved seat belts can be installed and this can only be done by the seat belt manufacturer.

Yes, provided they are wearing the proper child restraint or child car seat.

It is not illegal for a child to travel in a side-facing seat in a motor caravan. However, for their safety we would not recommend it. It does not offer the same level of protection.

All children under 150 cm in height or 36 kg in weight must use a child restraint system (CRS) suitable for their height and weight. If they exceed these limits then legally, they can wear a lap belt. However, for their safety, we would not recommend it as it does not offer the same level of protection.

Road traffic regulations do not specifically prohibit the use of seat belt devices such as extenders, metal buckles or plastic clips. However, they should not damage or otherwise interfere with the safe operation of the safety belt system. In addition, they should be approved to a recognised standard and designed for use by an adult.

There is no law prohibiting the use of multiple child car seats in the rear of a camper van provided they are fitted correctly and suitable for the child’s height and or weight.

In addition, they must be fitted to a seat which is designed to be used while the vehicle is in motion.

We recommend using either forward or rear facing seats as side facing seats do not offer the same level of protection. For further information, see our Child Safety in Cars webpage.

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