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Written-off vehicles

Information and legislation regarding written-off vehicles.

This content is for general information only. It does not, and is not intended to, provide legal or technical advice or to represent a legal interpretation of the matters it addresses.

Frequently asked questions

Only Category A and B write-offs need to be brought to an ATF by the person who is in current ownership of the vehicle.

You can check the history of the vehicle through online websites for a fee even if it is a UK import. You should also bring it to a qualified mechanic and seek advice as to whether it is in a roadworthy condition and safe to drive.

Provided the NCT is notified category A and B write-offs will not be allowed to undergo a test. Category C and D write offs can be put back on the road once repaired and therefore can also be tested. It is important to remember that the NCT is not the same as a warranty. It is a check at a point in time that a vehicle meets a basic standard. It is not a detailed mechanical investigation. The vehicle cannot be dismantled during the NCT so only parts that can be seen and are accessible can be checked.

You should contact the competition and consumer protection commission ( CCPC) to establish what your rights and options are under consumer protection legislation. In addition, you may wish to contact An Garda Síochána who have responsibility for road traffic enforcement.

If your vehicle is an A or B category write-off you will not be able to register it again. It must be destroyed.

If it is a C or D category write-off you will need to contact the driver and vehicle computer services division ( DVCSD) or email: [email protected] to clarify what action is required.

Any insurance queries must be directed to your insurance provider.