The Driving Test

To obtain a driving licence you first need to pass your driving test. In this section, you will find out how to apply for it, where to take it, and how to prepare for it to ensure you’ve given yourself the best chance of success.

What it is

What the driving test involves and what you need in order to sit the test.

Apply online

The national average waiting time for a driving test is currently 5.6 weeks.

There has never been a better time to apply for and sit your driving test. If you have selected the short notice option on your application please make sure that you have completed all of your 12 EDT (Essential Driver Training) lessons and that you are available when we call you.

Please be aware that you may receive your test appointment in as little as 1 to 2 weeks of making your application. This will usually give you 4 to 5 weeks’ notice of the test.  Please note you may be able to select your own date and time during the application process.

Pass the test

All the resources you need to pass your test including most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? Browse through the list of help and guidance on your driving test.

Your Car

How to ensure your vehicle is test-ready

Issues and Concerns

Any issues and concerns you have in relation to your driving test and driving licence application

Cancel your test


Repeating your test

Common reasons why people fail driving tests and what to do if you do fail.

Disruption to Driving Tests

All driving test centres are currently operating as normal.

After you pass

How to get your full driving licence after passing your test

Waiting Times

How long you can expect to wait for a driving test and which test centres have the shortest and longest waiting times.

Driving Test Centres

Information on our driving test centres and also waiting times and pass rates

Learning to drive videos

A series of ‘Learning to Drive’ videos explaining everything you need to know about doing their test and becoming socially responsible drivers

Did you know???

Did you know, every week, a substantial number of driving tests cannot be completed due to the applicant not turning up, or because the vehicle or documentation is not in order.