The Driving Test

To obtain a driving licence you first need to pass your driving test. In this section, you will find out how to book your driving test, where to take it, and how to prepare for it to ensure you’ve given yourself the best chance of success.


As a result of Covid-19 measures, our capacity to undertake driving tests, at pre-Covid 19 levels, has reduced.


During Covid Level 5 restrictions you can only attend your driving test if you are an essential worker. You can check if you are an essential worker here and if you are not please cancel your appointment on  Choose ‘Non-essential worker’ as the reason for cancelling your test and you will not lose your fee.  


Given the demand for driving tests and in the interests of fairness, for the foreseeable future we are prioritising customers in order of application date as well as applications from essential workers. When you log onto, you can set your driving goal.  If no suitable test dates are available you will be presented with a facility to be placed on a waiting list.   When new driving test slots become available you will be contacted to advise you of this and invite you to log onto to make your driving test booking.


We are experiencing delays in responding to customer queries due to the exceptional high number of calls and emails to our customer service teams. But we do offer a number of customer self-service options:

  • If you wish to cancel a scheduled driving test, click here.
  • If you require an urgent driving test, click here.
  • If you have any queries in relation to the changes to the delivery of the driving test service, click here

What it is

What the driving test involves and what you need in order to sit the test.

Apply online

Please click on to apply online for a driving test. You will find information here concerning driving test restrictions/requirements arising from Covid-19.

Current Booking Restrictions


Appointment slots are limited to those who have been invited to book a test 

If you are already on the driving test waiting list, please do not log in to check for availability. Appointment slots are limited to those who have been invited to book a driving test and we will contact you directly when appointments become available.


If you have received an invitation to book a test, need to cancel a test, or wish to join the waiting list, please go ahead and sign up or log in to


Essential workers

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we can only offer driving test appointments to essential workers at this time and test appointments are solely by invitation. 


If you are an essential worker who has already applied for a driving test and need it urgently, please complete this  form.


If you are not an essential worker and have an upcoming appointment scheduled, please cancel your test. You can do this by logging in to and selecting 'My Bookings' and 'Cancel Test'. Don't worry, you won't lose your fee. It will be saved as a service credit for you to book a future test. Please allow a few days for this to process.


We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

Driving Test and Covid -19

Driving Test and Covid -19

Request an urgent driving test

Information if you require an urgent driving test.

Pass the test

All the resources you need to pass your test including most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? Browse through the list of help and guidance on your driving test.

Your Car

How to ensure your vehicle is test-ready

Issues and Concerns

Any issues and concerns you have in relation to your driving test and driving licence application

Cancel your test

You can cancel or reschedule your driving test in MyRoadSafety and will not forfeit your fee unless you are cancelling your test for the third time on the same application or fail to give a minimum of 10 days' notice.

Repeating your test

Common reasons why people fail driving tests and what to do if you do fail.

Weather Disruptions

Check whether there are any current disruptions to driving tests due to inclement weather conditions.


All test centres are currently operating as normal

After you pass

How to get your full driving licence after passing your test

Waiting Times

Because of test backlogs, and the requirement to prioritise essential workers, fewer customers are being scheduled on a first come first served basis at this time. Because of this, average waiting times at test centre level do not show an accurate picture of how long a particular individual might be waiting for an appointment and therefore are not being published. We are conscious of the need to increase test capacity and work is ongoing to do this and get waiting times back to lower levels over a period of time.

Driving Test Centres

Information on our driving test centres and also waiting times and pass rates

Learning to drive videos

A series of ‘Learning to Drive’ videos explaining everything you need to know about doing their test and becoming socially responsible drivers