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Learner Drivers

Driving test terms and conditions

The driver testing service        

The driving test is carried out by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) which is the driver licensing authority. Driving licences have legal effect on foot of EU Driver Licensing Directives and national law. EU Directive 2006/126 (as amended) is the primary EU Directive and The Road Traffic (Licensing of Drivers) Regulations 2006 (SI 537 of 2006) (as amended) forms the national legislation supporting the driver testing service.

Driving test terms and conditions

It's important to familiarise yourself with the following terms and conditions before booking your driving test.

In order to book a driving test you must pay the relevant fee. The fees relate to the category or type of vehicle in which you wish to undertake your test. These are set out in the table below and are non-transferable and not refundable:

Category of type of vehicleFee
Motorcycle, car, car and trailer, works vehicle, tractor€85
All other categories or vehicle types€120
CPC driving test (bus or truck category) 
(Part 1: practical driving test - €120
Part 2: walkaround test - €32)

To reduce online fraud, the EU has introduced new safety rules for processing online payments known as the Payments Services Directive 2 (PSD). This requires us to capture cardholder data during electronic transactions and send it to the cardholder’s bank for ID authentication.

Therefore, when you are making a payment for an RSA service, such as booking a driving test, we are legally obliged to capture the necessary cardholder data from your transaction and pass this on to your bank so they can check that you are the official cardholder. In some cases, further authentication may be required, for example, your bank may ask you to submit a code they send to your mobile. This is called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). If you experience any issues during this stage, please contact your bank directly.

To be eligible to sit a driving test you must have held your first learner permit for at least six months and have completed all mandatory training before taking the test - that is, EDT for cars or IBT for motorbikes.


An exemption to the six-months rule may be granted to someone with a full, valid foreign driving licence if they've held it for at least two years. Know more 

A car driver who got their first learner permit before 4 April 2011 is exempt from having to complete driver training and the same applies to motorcyclists who got their first learner permit before 6 December 2010.  Anyone who holds a full foreign licence may be eligible for reduced EDT. Know more

You can now easily and safely apply for your driving test online by signing up or logging into our MyRoadSafety customer portal. If there are no available appointments at your preferred test centre, you can add yourself to the waiting list. Know more

Please note that we are unable to schedule driving tests over the phone or by email however, you can apply for your driving test by post. You will need to download and complete one of the following application forms and send it, along with the correct fee, to the address listed in the form.

Driving test application form (English)

Driving test application form (Irish)


Once you've applied for the driving test and added yourself to the waiting list, we will email you a booking invitation when test slots become available. Know more

You will have 10 days from receipt of the invitation to select an appointment. If you're not ready to sit the test, don't worry, you can hold off booking a test and add yourself back on to the invitation queue at a later time.

Steps to reschedule your driving test:

  1. Register or log in to and go to 'My bookings'.
  2. Click on the 'Reschedule' button and select an alternative appointment slot if one is available.
  3. If there are no suitable slots available, you will need to add yourself to the waiting list instead. 
  4. Cancel your original booking and select No Availability as your reason. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fee. 
  5. When new driving test slots become available, we will email you an invite and you can log in to to select an appointment.

Important. Once you join the waiting list to reschedule your driving test, you must cancel your original booking or you will end up being charged for two tests.

If you cancel your test, you will be removed from the waiting list and you may lose your fee. Know more

To cancel your driving test, please sign up or log in to our customer portal and go to 'My Bookings'. Here you will see a list of your current bookings and an option to cancel. 

If, after applying to be on the waiting list for a driving test, you do not wish to proceed with the application, you may apply within 14 days of the application date for a refund of your test fee.  Applications for such a refund must be made by email to [email protected] or by post to Driver Testing Section, RSA, Moy Valley Business Park, Primrose Hill, Ballina, Co. Mayo.  

In exceptional cases we may have to cancel your test at short notice.
This may be due to:

  • hazardous weather conditions
  • a tester being absent unexpectedly
  • other exceptional circumstances.

We will make every effort to notify you of the cancellation as soon as possible, using the contact details you provided in your application. You will be prioritised and invited to book another test free of charge shortly after.

While the driving test itself has not changed, we have introduced safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please read our Covid-19 safety leaflet carefully, as failure to comply may result in your test not going ahead. We have also produced the video below which will show you what to expect on the day. 

What to do if you have Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms

Cancel your driving test on selecting ‘Covid-19’ as your reason. You won’t lose your fee and you will automatically be sent another invitation. Please book the new appointment for a date after your isolation period. 


Please make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare and comply with all requirements set out by the RSA.

Plan on arriving a little early for your test booking. If you are late, the test cannot be carried out and you will lose your fee. In addition, the test can only take place if you meet the following requirements. The driver tester will ensure that:

  • your learner permit is in your name, is valid and current, and includes the category of vehicle you are to be tested in
  • the vehicle you provide meets the requirements for your test category, as outlined in your booking confirmation.

You will be asked to read and sign a statement confirming that:

  • the vehicle insurance cover is in place and is adequate
  • your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

Further information such as tips for the test, documents to bring on the day, and requirements for your test vehicle, is provided in our Checklist for your driving test leaflet. This document can also be viewed in Irish.

To avoid delays on the day of your test, you can request assistance for the driving test when you make your booking. You may need  assistance if you:

  • are deaf or hard of hearing. You are permitted to have an interpreter with you for the first (oral) part of the test. This person must not be a driving instructor, must be 16 years of age or over and may not accompany you during the practical (driving) element of the test;
  • are restricted in your movements or have any disability which could affect your driving. If you pass your test with a vehicle adapted to suit a disability (e.g. it has additional controls), this will be recorded on your driving licence

If you do not tell us you require assistance in advance of your test, your test will not go ahead and you may lose your fee.

You can bring an interpreter to the first (oral) part of the test if:

  • English is not your first language;
  • you are deaf or hard of hearing.

The RSA can arrange for a Sign Language interpreter for you if you are deaf or hard of hearing. You can arrange for an interpreter to be with you for the oral part of the test if English is not your first language. This person cannot be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The interpreter cannot accompany you on the second (driving) part of the test.

If you do not tell us you require an interpreter in advance of your test, your test will not go ahead and you may lose your fee.

Throughout the test, the driver tester will give you directions as to the route to take. If the tester believes the vehicle has become unroadworthy, your driving is dangerous, or the tester or candidate becomes ill, the test will be cut short. In such cases the tester will give you further information on the next steps when you return to the test centre.

On completion of the test, the tester will advise you about the test outcome. If you pass you will be given a certificate of competency and this will allow you to apply for a driving licence. If you are unsuccessful you will be given a statement of driving test outcome. After the test the tester will also give you feedback on your driving.

If you are unsuccessful and you believe your test was not properly conducted, you can appeal to the District Court under Article 33 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961. The Court may endorse the decision of the tester or, alternatively, direct that a further test be offered to you free of charge.

Please read our privacy policy for further information.