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Vehicle safety checks

Advice and information about vehicle safety when driving for work.

Driving for work means spending more time on the road so there’s an increased risk to drivers, fellow workers and members of the public. In fact, people who drive for work are 40% more likely to be involved in a collision.

This is why it’s vital for employers and self-employed people to have robust procedures in place to ensure vehicles are in good working order before the start of each day or shift. Checking a vehicle before use is a simple and effective way to spot any potentially dangerous issues.

HGV with trailer

Helpful checklists and guidance

The Road Safety Authority in partnership with the Health & Safety Authority and An Garda Síochána have developed a series of simple vehicle walkaround checks, posters and videos. These highlight the importance of regular vehicle checks for buses, trucks, vans and other common work vehicles, and assist drivers in carrying out those checks.

This RSA video above offers an overview of daily walkaround safety and roadworthiness checks for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

RSA Guide to keeping your commercial vehicle roadworthy

Guide to keeping your commercial vehicle roadworthy

View our guide to keeping your commercial vehicle roadworthy.

View the guide

Your obligations as an operator

If you are an operator you must know your legal obligations and fulfil them. This includes making sure your vehicles and trailers are always roadworthy and safe. More information about your obligations and maintenance and repair on the CVRT website.