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Vehicle Owners


Resources for vehicle owners.

Useful documents and downloadable resources for private and commercial vehicle owners.

Private vehicle type resources

NCT modifications report pdf | 162 KB National Car Test (NCT) Manual 2021 pdf | 3283 KB RF111 Change of Particulars pdf | 183 KB Rules of the Road( English) pdf | 19605 KB Download our Child Safety in Cars Booklet pdf | 3607 KB Download our Tyre Safety Information Guide pdf | 1506 KB Download and read our EuroNCAP information leaflet pdf | 2055 KB RSA 12 Car Safety Checks pdf | 1018 KB Road Safety Advice and Driver Licensing Rules for Drawing Light Trailers pdf | 1255 KB

Commercial vehicle type resources

LCV Tester Manual 2020 - 5.1 pdf | 2582 KB HCV Manual 2020 - 5.1 pdf | 5034 KB CVRT modifications report docx | 193 KB Guide to keeping your commercial vehicle roadworthy pdf | 3256 KB Guide to Digital Tachographs pdf | 1988 KB Bus and Truck Operators Guide to Road Safety pdf | 2388 KB Rules of the Road pdf | 19605 KB Download our Tyre Safety Information Guide pdf | 1506 KB Safe Driving for Work Handbook for Drivers pdf | 1744 KB Load Security Information leaflet pdf | 312 KB Driving for Work - Driver Health Guidelines pdf | 1426 KB Download the Index of Amendments Lighting Regulations pdf | 129 KB Download the Index of Amendments CE and U Regulations pdf | 176 KB Index Amendments C and U Regulations pdf | 135 KB Weights and Dimensions Leaflet - March 2022 pdf | 1074 KB
Services Rules of the Road

About the Rules of the Road from the RSA. Where to buy printed editions of the Rules of the Road. Where to view and download digital editions.