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Business Operators


Guidelines and information sources for owners and operators of commercial vehicles.

We have useful guidelines and information across a range of subjects including tachographs, drivers' hours and road safety.

Guidelines for the type of tachographs to be installed in vehicles carrying passengers or goods

European Guidelines for Tachograph Types pdf | 253 KB Guide to digital tacho graphs pdf | 3498 KB

A guide on drivers' hours and tachographs

Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 and Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014

Guide to EU Rules on Drivers Hours pdf | 1932 KB

Transport working time directive (Directive 2002/15/EC)

Guide to Road Transport Working Times Directive pdf | 1083 KB

How operators can best comply with the law

A summary of best practice advice for safely carrying out employee duties such as driving and loading. General procedures for operators and managers of commercial road transport businesses to ensure compliance with tachograph and drivers' hours rules and licensing regulations. 

Bus and Truck Operators Guide to Road Safety pdf | 2388 KB

Information and documents for becoming an RSA approved Driver CPC Training organisation

CPC_TC1 Driver CPC Training Training Organisation Application form pdf | 162 KB CPC_TC2 Driver CPC Training Guidelines for completing application form pdf | 173 KB CPC_TC3 Driver CPC Training Guidelines for approval of driver CPC training centres pdf | 572 KB

For owners, operators, drivers and all users of road transport services

Chain of Responsibility pdf | 136 KB

A guide to digital tachographs

A comprehensive guide to how the digital tachograph system works, operators' responsibilities, how to use drivers' cards, how to read the print outs, and some key rules for drivers.

Guide to Digital Tachographs pdf | 1988 KB

Tachographs in minibuses

A guide on the use of tachographs in minibuses based on Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006.

Guide to Tachographs in Minibuses pdf | 1395 KB