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Professional drivers

Adding new categories to your ADI Permit

Category A rules and step-by-step guidance on applying.

Category A (Motorcycle)

After qualifying as an ADI, you may wish to add categories to your ADI permit. You can add any four-wheeled vehicle category to your ADI permit provided you are licenced to drive such a vehicle. However, before adding category A (motorcycle), you must have held a full licence in that category for at least two years and follow the steps set out below.

Steps to add categories to your ADI Permit

 If you are qualified to deliver instruction in category B (car) but you also hold driving licences in categories A, C and D you can have these categories added to your permit by following the steps below:

  1. Book a Stage 1 ADI Theory Test in the relevant categories. It is possible to take theory tests covering multiple vehicle categories in one sitting. The fee is €150. You will need to contact us to get a theory test eligibility number before you can book your ADI theory test.  
  2. After successfully completing the Theory Test you must apply for a Stage 2 ADI Driving Test in the relevant category. The stage 2 driving test assesses your driving ability. This is assessed against a longer, more comprehensive driving test than the test a learner driver takes. The test takes between 60 and 100 minutes depending on the category being applied for and covers 25-30 kilometres in distance. When the test is fully completed the examiner will give you the result and offer feedback on your performance. The test fee is €200.
  3. After successfully completing the ADI Stage 2 Driving Test, you should fill in and submit this webform to have the relevant categories added to your ADI Permit.

 You may be called for a check test in any category of vehicle for which you hold the ADI Permit at any time.

Becoming an IBT instructor

Any ADI qualified to instruct in category A (motorcycle) may apply to the RSA for approval to deliver Initial Basic Training (IBT). As part of the approvals process, you will need to identify a suitable site with adequate space, a classroom, and toilet facilities to deliver the training. Full details are available in the Guidelines for IBT Instructors booklet. Further details on how to become an IBT Instructor are available here