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Licensed Drivers

Driving abroad

Living abroad and working on a task of fixed duration or attending college.

Whether you are holidaying abroad or perhaps staying for a longer duration due to work or study commitments, or even taking up residence overseas, there are certain licensing requirements that must be met if you wish to drive in that country. 

Taking up residence abroad

  • European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) states - if you are taking up residence in another EU or EEA state you can drive on your current Irish driving licence once it is valid, or exchange it in that country within 10 years of its expiry.
  • Recognised states - if you are taking up residence in any of the recognised states including the UK you can exchange your current Irish driving licence in that country within one year of expiry.
  • Non-recognised states - if you are taking up residence in any non-recognised state you will need to comply with the licensing rules of that country

Living, working or studying abroad for a limited time.  

If you are normally resident in Ireland but are currently working or studying abroad, you can apply online to renew or replace your Irish driving licence. All you need is your Public Service Card (PSC) and a verified MyGovID.

If however you don’t have a PSC and a verified MyGovID, you will need to provide documentary evidence as part of the application process and this is outlined in detail on the website.  

If you lose your licence while travelling abroad 

If your Irish driving licence is lost or stolen while you’re abroad you can apply online for a replacement. All you need is your Public Service Card (PSC) and a verified MyGovID. The new licence will be posted to the address listed in your MyGovID account. Alternatively, you can apply in person at one of our NDLS centres when you return. 

International Driving Permit (IDP)

An IDP is only available to Irish residents with a current full driving licence and is issued by the Automobile Association (AA).