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Learner Drivers

Repeating your test

What to do if you're unsuccessful.

If you're unsuccessful, your tester will give you a statement of driving test outcome. They will also quickly go through where you went wrong. This will help you identify areas to practice and improve on before you re-sit the driving test. 

You will need to apply for a new test through our online customer portal MyRoadSafety.

How to apply


Fast track re-tests


If you failed your car  test and reapplied, there's no need to contact us. We will automatically send you another invitation 6 to 8 weeks after your failed test. 

Our customer agents can't offer short notice re-tests or cancellations so please wait for your invitation.

If you failed your test in another category (e.g. bike, bus, truck) and have since reapplied, we will invite you to book a re-test as soon as we reach your application in the queue.

Please note, the waiting time estimator won't show a date for re-tests.


Useful information

If you feel you have been tested unfairly and want to challenge the decision, you can appeal to the district court under Article 33 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961. The court can examine whether or not the test was conducted properly. If it finds that the tester did not conduct the test in accordance with procedures the court can direct that a further test be offered to you free of charge. 
If you are unhappy with how your driving test was conducted or feel you were unfairly treated, please complete the online form . 

These are the most common reasons that people fail their driving test: 

  • Inadequate observation moving off, at junctions, at roundabouts and when changing lanes 
  • Failure to anticipate the actions of other drivers 
  • Incorrect road position on the straight, on bends, turning left, turning right, at roundabouts, and when overtaking 
  • Inadequate progress at junctions, roundabouts, on the straight, and when overtaking 
  • Incorrect or inadequate use of mirrors and signals 
  • Non-compliance with traffic controls, eg road signs and markings and traffic lights 
  • Incorrect, inadequate or inappropriate use of vehicle controls, including gears, clutch, accelerator, steering, handbrake, footbrake, and secondary controls 
  • Excessive speed for the road or traffic conditions 
  • Failure to yield the right of way to others 
  • Lack of competence in the reverse and U-turn manoeuvres 

The most common additional reasons that people fail their motorcycle test: 

  • Failure to perform a U-turn correctly 
  • Inadequate control at slow speed 
  • Inadequate observations to the rear 
  • Incorrect or inadequate hand signals. 
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