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Professional drivers

Emergency Services Driving Standard (ESDS) resources

Helpful information and documents if you want to become an ESDS driver, trainer or assessor. 

Learn what to expect when you are studying to sit an ESDS theory test - with answers to sample questions.  ESDS Theory Test Information Booklet pdf | 1638 KB
A guide to the three levels of driver competence, legislative knowledge, roadcraft and awareness of other road users that you need to become a professional ESDS driver.  ESDS Guidance Manual - Levels 1-3 pdf | 1211 KB
A detailed look at the driver competence requirements you must attain for ESDS levels 1-3, from driving fundamentals to advanced techniques and emergency response tactics.  ESDS Competence Framework Booklet pdf | 2983 KB
All the information you need as an ESDS trainer to deliver effective training covering driver skills, knowledge, behaviours and appropriate assessment at each stage.  ESDS Syllabus Booklet pdf | 1200 KB
Guidelines to assist you as an ESDS assessor to carry out your standard procedure and assessment roles in a fair and transparent manner.  Standard Operating Procedures and Marking Guidelines Booklet pdf | 2955 KB
A professional resource based on international best practice to support your work as an ESDS trainer, with practical tips to help you provide the most effective training.  ESDS Trainer's Handbook pdf | 1189 KB
A general outline of the practical ESDS assessment procedures including checklists, policies and tips.  ESDS Drivers Guide pdf | 877 KB
At a glance - all the requirements needed to become an ESDS Driver. ESDS Driver Pathway To Certification pdf | 481 KB
Guidelines to help you in your ESDS level 3 driver role to reduce the risks associated with emergency response driving by setting out a consistent tactical approach.  ESDS Tactical Response Guidelines Booklet pdf | 1183 KB
At a glance - all the requirements needed to become an in-house ESDS trainer.  ESDS Trainer Pathway to Certification for in-house trainers pdf | 604 KB
At-a-glance - all the requirements for an ADI to become an ESDS trainer. ESDS Pathway to Trainer Certification Chart for ADI's pdf | 267 KB