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Learner Drivers

Car driving lessons (EDT)

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a structured training programme for learner drivers consisting of 12 driving sessions with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), or six sessions if you are eligible for reduced EDT.  

Reduced EDT

If you hold a foreign licence you may be eligible for reduced EDT which means you only have to complete 6 driver training sessions, instead of 12.

Our top five EDT queries

You can arrange driver training by choosing an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) from the ADI register who covers category B (car or light van). To avoid any miscommunication, please check with your instructor at the start of each lesson whether it counts towards your Essential Driver Training (EDT).

You can check your EDT progress by logging in to the MyEDT portal. You will need your learner permit card details to access your account. If you’ve only recently completed an EDT session, please allow at least 10 working days for it to be captured by the system. After that time, you should contact your ADI.

If there are any errors with the number of training sessions or the dates, please contact the ADI who delivered the EDT session (if different to your current one).  

If you’ve only recently received your learner permit, please allow 10 working days for the system to capture your details.

To access your MyEDT account, you need to enter your details exactly as they appear on your learner permit. Otherwise you will get the following error: 'Driver does not exist on the NVDF'.

If you are using your iPhone to log in please note that apostrophes in iPhone read as a special character, and this may prevent you from accessing the MYEDT portal.  To rectify this, you need to go to settings/general section/keyboard in your iPhone and turn off smart pronunciation.  This should allow you to access your MYEDT portal while using your iPhone. 

When entering your details on the MyEDT portal login page, make sure you do the following:


  • Type in your surname (this comes first) exactly as it’s printed at number ‘1.’ on your learner permit card.
  • Type in your first name exactly as it’s printed at number ‘2.’ on your learner permit card
  • Type in your date of birth in the following format: 07/10/1978
  • Type in your driver number exactly as it’s printed at ‘4d.’ on your learner permit card
  • Ensure there are no blank spaces before or after any of the details you’ve entered

If you’re still having problems logging in, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

If your completed training hasn’t been uploaded to your MyEDT portal account and your instructor is no longer on the ADI register, you should try to make contact with them. Otherwise, you will have to complete the EDT session/s again.

However, if you have your EDT logbook and it was signed, stamped and dated by the ADI for each completed session, please complete this form and we will arrange a logbook inspection. Make sure to include your driver number and your nearest driving test centre. Once your logbook is verified, we can upload the sessions. 

Your ADI will need to have uploaded your first EDT session before your Reduced EDT status is displayed on your portal. Please contact your ADI if they have not uploaded your EDT session. 


If you’ve paid in advance for driver training, any request for a refund must be arranged directly between yourself and the driving school or instructor. 

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are self-employed and as such they have the right to set their own business terms and conditions, including fees. That’s why we advise customers to shop around. Paying for more than one lesson at a time limits your ability to switch instructors’ mid-course and/or change scheduled lessons.

It’s your responsibility to familiarise yourself with all T&Cs before entering into any contract for the supply of a service. However, if it’s not possible to resolve the issue directly with your ADI, you can seek guidance from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission on your rights. 

More FAQs about EDT

We answer all of your questions, from reduced EDT or the six months rule to checking your progress and driving test eligibility.

Why EDT is mandatory

The purpose of EDT is to save lives. Getting a driving licence is a privilege, not a right. As a learner driver you are exposed to greater risks when using the roads due to inexperience. Maximising your road safety knowledge and behaviours helps you to develop the skills and confidence needed to share the road safely with others. By completing EDT you will build a strong foundation on which to become a better and safer driver. 

The EDT sessions

EDT for learner drivers is a 12-hour course delivered in 12 one-hour sessions.

It is recommended that you allow two weeks between each session so that you can take further driving instruction, practise your new-found skills and do the required road safety reading. It’s best to spread your EDT course over a six-month period.

Alternatively, you may be eligible for  reduced EDT which is delivered in six one-hour sessions. 

SessionTopicReduced EDT
1Car controls and safety checks
2Correct positioning 1 
3Changing direction 1 
4Progression management 
5Correct positioning 2 (more complex situations)
6Anticipation and reaction
7Sharing the road
8Driving safely through traffic 
9Changing direction 2 (more complex situations)
10Speed management
11Driving calmly 
12Night driving 


Learn more about EDT by reading our booklets. You can also download a sample logbook below:

Essential Driver Training (EDT) booklet pdf | 897 KB Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) booklet pdf | 851 KB Sample EDT Learner Logbook pdf | 2442 KB

Your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

By law, Essential Driver Training sessions can only be delivered by an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).  

See how your ADI helps you learn to drive safely:


Every ADI is assessed by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to ensure they have the necessary driving skills and road safety knowledge as well as the ability to teach you properly. They are all garda-vetted and must display a valid ADI permit. For you, this means better, more consistent and safer standards of driving instruction.

You should choose an ADI that provides EDT for licence category B (cars and lights vans). Your ADI will give you a logbook in which your sessions and progress will be recorded, as well as online in your MyEDT portal account. 

MyEDT Portal

Check the status of your EDT sessions to ensure your records are up-to-date.

How to find an ADI near you

Today, you’ll find over 1,700 ADIs nationwide who have been approved and registered by the RSA as full ADI permit holders. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing one that’s right for you: 

  • There is no standard fee for EDT sessions. Each ADI is self-employed and sets their own fees. Contact different ADIs to compare fees, arrangements and convenience 
  • You can switch from one ADI to another during your EDT 
  • Paying in advance for more than one session will limit your ability to switch instructors or change your scheduled sessions 
  • Ask family and friends for recommendations or advice on choosing your ADI 
  • Only training sessions with a currently approved ADI count as part of your EDT. Check their registration when you enquire, book and turn up for each session. 

Check our register of Approved Driving Instructors for one near you. 

Services Approved Driving Instructor

Find an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Driving instructors must have a valid ADI permit. Check the RSA register of Approved Driving Instructors

ADIs delivering tuition to learners requiring special accommodation (deaf, hard of hearing or adapted vehicles) pdf | 128 KB