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Learner Drivers

Disruption to tests

If weather or other conditions affect your driving test. 

Occasionally, we may have to cancel your test due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions or tester unavailability. If this happens, there's no need to contact us. We will email you a new appointment as soon as possible. Check Met Éireann's website regularly for updates.

Driving test centre update

All driving test centres are currently open and operating as normal.

Car on snowy country road

Don't travel if weather conditions are unsafe

We understand that you’ve prepared in advance for your test and we want to minimise any disruption, however, road safety is our primary concern. 

If weather or road conditions are unsafe where you live, you should not travel to the test centre. You can cancel your test through the MyRoadSafety portal and select 'Weather conditions' as your reason. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your fee and you will be sent another invitation to book a test in the coming days.

How to cancel your test 

Severe weather advice

Coming into the Winter, it's important to be ready for extreme weather. We offer road safety advice for driving in poor conditions and explain the weather warning system.

Useful information

You may judge your local road conditions to be too dangerous for you to travel. If this happens, you can cancel your test at and go to the My Bookings page where you will see a list of all your current bookings.

Select ‘Weather Conditions’ as your cancellation reason.  Don’t worry, you will not lose your fee and you will be kept on the waiting list.  We will contact you as soon as new test appointments become available and invite you to log onto MyRoadSafety to book a new test. 

Sometimes local and national weather conditions make it unsafe for driving tests to take place. This could be caused by flooding, ice, snow, or high winds.  

If this happens, we will contact you and you will be added to our waiting list as a priority customer. When new driving test slots become available you will be invited to log into to book another driving test free of charge.