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Learner Drivers

Professional driving lessons (CPC)


To prepare for your practical driving test, it is recommended that all first-time category C (truck), C1 (small truck), D (bus) or D1 (minibus) learner permit holders take lessons with an RSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). These will help you develop the additional driving and road safety awareness skills you will need to professionally drive a truck on public roads, including:

  • the most important skills, knowledge, and behaviours for safe truck or bus driving
  • the ability to recognise driving behaviours that may endanger other road users
  • how to become a more competent professional truck or bus driver
  • lifelong driving and road awareness skills
  • practising driving on all types of road (except motorways) and in all types of traffic situations. This should include driving at night.

You are not required to take truck or bus driving lessons to get a CPC driving licence, however, the more prepared you are the greater your chances of passing your practical driving test first time. It will also make you a better, safer professional driver.

An ADI can advise you on background reading and other material that helps you prepare for what each session covers. They can also remind you of the importance of safe, as well as technically competent, driving.

Find the nearest RSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) that covers the licence category you need.  

Services Approved Driving Instructor

Find an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Driving instructors must have a valid ADI permit. Check the RSA register of Approved Driving Instructors