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Learner Drivers

After you pass your test

What to do after passing your driving test and how to apply for your licence.  

When you pass the driving test, you are issued with a certificate of competency. This certificate does not allow you to drive as a full licence holder. You must abide by the rules of your learner permit until you are issued with a full driving licence. 

Only once you are in possession of a full valid driving licence are you legally allowed to drive while unaccompanied. 

Your certificate of competency is valid for two years

You need to apply for your driving licence within two years of receiving your certificate of competency. If you don't apply within this time, your cert will no longer be valid and you will have to pay for and sit the driving test again. 

You can apply for a driving licence online at  with a Public Services Card  and verified MyGovID or you can book an appointment to attend in person at a National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) centre. 

NDLS Online

When applying for a full driver licence the certificate of competency is not physically required as the National Driver Licensing Service (NDLS) has an electronic record of your successful driving test.  

However, If you have lost your certificate of competency you can request confirmation of your test result by: 

  1. Downloading a statement of loss
  2. Complete the form and have it certified and stamped by a garda. 
  3. Send the form to us at the address below and a letter will issue to you. 

Driver Testing Section 
Road Safety Section 
Primrose Hill 
Co. Mayo 
F26 V6E4 

Safe driving

Remember, now that you’re a qualified driver, you’re even more responsible for your safety and the safety of others so you should never stop learning more driving skills and road safety awareness. We offer a range of learning materials that will help you develop these skills. 

Getting a full driving licence allows you to drive unaccompanied on all public roads in the category of vehicle for which you hold a full licence. If you passed your driving test in an automatic vehicle you will only be licensed to drive that type of vehicle. 

Rules for novice drivers

There are also some special conditions that apply to novice drivers during the first two years: 

  • you must display N-plates on any vehicle you drive for the first two years 
  • you cannot act as a sponsor or accompanying driver for a category B learner driver 
  • a lower blood alcohol concentration threshold applies (20mg) 
  • a lower threshold of seven penalty points before disqualification usually applies to novice drivers. 

Remember: passing the driving test is not the end of the learning process. You should continue to drive carefully and build up your experience in different traffic, weather, lighting and road conditions.