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Learner Drivers

Preparing for your test

About the driving test and helping you to prepare for it. 

The driving test checks your knowledge of the Rules of the Road, your ability to drive competently and safely in accordance with those rules and with regard for other road users. The test takes about 50 to 100 minutes depending on the vehicle category. It's a combination of questions to test your knowledge and a practical test of your driving skills and awareness. 
Driving test

You must be eligible to sit a test

You must meet certain requirements to be eligible to sit a driving test i.e. completed training, valid learner permit etc. If you have a driving test scheduled but are not eligible to sit it, we will cancel your test five days before your appointment date. You won’t lose your fee and you will be kept on our waiting list. We will email you another booking invitation after you’ve met this requirement. 

Check if you're eligible to sit a test

Preparation is key

The more you prepare, the better your chances of passing first time and it will also make you a better, safer driver. While waiting for your test, you should keep learning and practicing.

The video below offers lots of advice and tips to help you get ready for your driving test.


To prepare for your driving test you should:

The driving test and Covid procedures

While the driving test itself has not changed, there are elements of the service that must now be delivered differently due to Covid-19. This is so that we can protect our driver testers and our customers.

Please familiarise yourself with our guidance information leaflet. If you don't meet these requirements, it could result in your test not going ahead. 

On the day of your test, please arrive early and make your way directly into the test centre.

What to do if you have Covid-19 or have Covid-19 symptoms

Cancel your driving test on selecting ‘Covid-19’ as your reason. You won’t lose your fee and you will automatically be sent another invitation. Please book the new appointment for a date after your isolation period. 

Motorcycle tests

If you are attending for a motorcycle test you will need to bring an ear piece with you. Please read our Radio Earpieces for Motorcycle Testing leaflet for more detailed information.

Preparing your vehicle

You need to provide a vehicle for your driving test and be insured to drive it. The vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition and meet all other requirements for the test. Read more about how to  prepare your vehicle for your driving test.  

Useful information

Driving test fees by licence category are:

A, A2, A1, B, BE, AM, W€85
All other categories€120
CPC (bus and truck)


(driving test part 1: €120

driving test part 2: €32)


While you may be nervous at the thought of doing your driving test, we know from experience that preparation is the key to success. If you prepare well in advance with your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), this will help increase your chances of passing your test.  

Your driving test will require you to:  

  • answer questions on the Rules of the Road including identifying road signs 
  • demonstrate hand signals  
  • reverse your vehicle around a corner  
  • make safe and reasonable progress  
  • perform a vehicle turnabout manoeuvre 
  • perform a hill start  
  • drive approximately 8km (5 miles) in a variety of road and traffic conditions


Aspects of your driving that will be assessed include:  

  • road positioning  
  • overtaking and passing  
  • anticipation and observation  
  • use of mirrors and signals  
  • progress speed  
  • compliance with traffic lights, road signs and markings  
  • use of the vehicle controls, i.e. accelerator, clutch, gears, brakes and steering 
  • use of secondary controls such as wipers, de-misters, etc. 

Please take time to read our Preparing for your driving test leaflet and our Checklist for your driving test leaflet before your test. 

If you have any worries or concerns in relation to the driving test, it is important you talk to the RSA

You can also contact the Driving Test Section by post at:

Driver Testing Section 
Road Safety Authority 
Moy Valley Business Park 
Primrose Hill Dublin Road 
Co Mayo 

To avoid disappointment on the day, you must prepare fully and be familiar with all of the requirements for your driving test.  

These are the most common reasons why a driving test may not be conducted:

  • Invalid or expired insurance - you must display a valid, original insurance disc (white background with a green band along the left-hand side).  This must clearly show the registration number (or fleet name) of your vehicle and the policy date.
  • Invalid original motor tax disc.
  • Invalid NCT disc or CVRT disc, (if applicable) - About the National Car Test (NCT)
  • No L-plates on the front and rear of your vehicle - you must display L-plates to the front and rear of the vehicle at all times while driving.  The plate should be a red 'L' on a white background and should not be less than 15cm high with a border of at least 2cm) motorcyclists must wear a yellow tabard (vest) displaying an L-plate on the front and back.
  • No learner permit - you must have a valid learner permit for the category of driving test you are undertaking.

Please read our Checklist for your driving test leaflet for useful tips on how to fully prepare yourself for your driving test. 

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