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Special permits for public service vehicles (PSVs)

About special permits for PSVs and how to apply for one. 

A public service vehicle (PSV) is a vehicle that carries passengers for hire or reward and is separated into two categories:

1. Large PSVs - capable of carrying more than eight passengers e.g. buses.


2. Small PSVs - capable of carrying a maximum of eight passengers e.g. taxis, hackneys and limousines.

Road Safety Authority (RSA) special permits 

There are times when a public service vehicle may not fully meet Irish road traffic regulations. For example, the layout of emergency exits required by Irish law is different to EU law. Under such circumstances the PSV officer will ask us to grant a special permit to allow this vehicle to be used on Irish roads in its current state.  

Special permits and the types of public service vehicles that need one 

  • Emergency door permit for a new and imported minibus, e.g. Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter. 
  • Standee permit for omnibus, standee or open-top bus, e.g. Dublin Bus, Airport Bus.
  • Land train and other unusual vehicle permit types, e.g. tourist land trains. 

How to apply for a PSV special permit  

To apply for a PSV special permit, download the permit check list below depending on which permit you need. The completed checklist must also be returned along with documentation to [email protected]

Emergency Exit Permit - document checklist

Standee permit - document-checklist

Land train permit - document-checklist

CVRT modifications report docx | 193 KB

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This content is for general information only. It does not, and is not intended to, provide legal or technical advice or to represent a legal interpretation of the matters it addresses.

A Garda PSV officer checks the vehicle to make sure it is fit to carry passengers and that it meets with all the safety regulations e.g., are the walkways wide enough; are there enough emergency exits etc. For further information contact your local PSV Carriage Office.

  • Emergency door permit for new and imported minibus, when requested by a PSV officer e.g., Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter
  • Standee permit for omnibus, standee, or open-top bus e.g., Dublin Bus, Airport Bus
  • Land train and other unusual vehicle permit e.g., tourist land train

Yes. Expiry dates differ depending on the type of vehicle and this will be clearly outlined on the permit itself.

If the vehicle has been modified in any way e.g., if seats have been removed or added, a modifications report certified by the original manufacturer or a suitably qualified person such as a mechanical engineer must be submitted. It is important that those parties signing a modifications report carries an adequate level of professional indemnity cover. A modifications template can be downloaded from CVRT Manuals.