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Learner Drivers

Manage your booking

How to reschedule and cancel your driving test booking.

You can manage your driving test booking by logging in to and going to the My bookings page where you will see your current driving test appointment details.

Test slots are very limited and so it's important to pick a date and time that suits you when booking your appointment.

However, we understand that unforeseen events occur so you do have the option to reschedule your driving test for free up to two times.  

If you need to reschedule or cancel, it’s really important to do it as soon as possible so we can offer the slot to someone who urgently needs a test.

How to reschedule your driving test

Once your test date is more than 10 days away, you can reschedule twice without losing your fee.

To reschedule your driving test

  1. Go to the 'My bookings' page of your  MyRoadSafety account.
  2. Click on the 'Reschedule' button
  3. Select an alternative test slot if one is available.

If there are no suitable slots available, you will need to cancel your original booking and select 'No Availability' as your reason (don't worry, you won't lose your fee or your place in the queue).

When new driving test slots become available, we will email you another invite and you can log into  MyRoadSafety to book another driving test for free. 

If you reschedule for a third time or within 10 days of your appointment, you will lose your fee and have to pay for a new test.

How to cancel your driving test

To cancel your driving test, go to the 'My Bookings' page or your  MyRoadSafety account and select 'Cancel'.  

Important: Before cancelling your driving test, make sure you read the following rules.

If you're cancelling your driving test due to Covid-19, don't worry, you won't lose your fee. It will appear as a service credit in the 'My Service Credits' page of your MyRoadSafety account which can be used to book a future test.  

You will be kept on our waiting list, and we will email you a booking invitation when appointment slots become available at your chosen test centre. 

Please book your future test for a date after your isolation period.

If you can't attend your driving test due to a family bereavement or because you're ill on the day of your test, you should reschedule your test to a different date. 

If there are no suitable slots available, you will need to cancel your original booking, select 'No Availability' as your reason.  You won't lose your fee or your place on the waiting list.  We will email you another invitation when slots become available at your chosen centre.

If you're cancelling a driving test due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Applied for an incorrect test category;
  • Reapplied with a training group; or
  • Are long term medically unfit to drive

you can request a refund within 21 days by selecting 'Apply for Refund' in the 'My Bookings' page of your MyRoadSafety account. 

You will need to supply official documentation as proof to support your refund application.

The decision to refund a test fee is at our discretion. 

A service credit is an online credit note or voucher that can be used to pay for a future test. It will appear in the 'My Service Credit' page of your  MyRoadSafety account.   Please note that a service credit cannot be cashed or exchanged for money.
If you have a driving test appointment for a commercial vehicle test, e.g. bus or truck, as well as a CPC practical test, please make sure you cancel each test separately. Failure to do so will result in one of the tests not being cancelled. 

You can request a refund within 14 days of your original application date, provided you have not booked a test slot, by emailing [email protected]  

The decision to refund any test fee is at our discretion.