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Motorcycle Riding Lessons (IBT)

Initial Basic Training (IBT) to help keep you safe on the road.

Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a mandatory training course that teaches basic riding skills to learner motorcyclists. It is part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing scheme and is intended to improve road safety.

The IBT modules

IBT for a small motorcycle category 'AM' or 'A1' - is a 16 hour course delivered in four separate modules 1,2,3 and 4 which must be completed in sequence.  

Completing IBT for the first time on a larger motorcycle in category 'A2' or 'A' is an 18 hr course and involves completing three modules 1,3 and 5.   These modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills. 

For more detailed information on what each of the modules cover, please see our IBT modules booklet below.

When you have completed an IBT module or the entire course, your instructor will record the details of your training in your logbook and issue you with a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.   

You can then apply for your practical driving test.

IBT modules pdf | 953 KB

Progressive access

Progressive access allows you to take advantage of your previous riding experience and skills in a lower motorcycle category to acquire a licence in a higher category without having to repeat the whole IBT course or take another driving test. For example:

In some instances you may need to take a full driving test. For example:

  • if you take the progressive access training route to get a category A2 licence and later decide to get a category A licence, you must take a practical driving test for category A.

The progression module also applies if you want to upgrade the motorcycle you ride (e.g. from automatic to manual). This module allows you to get the training you need to operate a different type of motorcycle without having to repeat the whole IBT course.

Learn more about IBT and progressive access by reading our booklet or downloading the chart:

An Introduction to Initial Basic Training (IBT) for Motorcyclists pdf | 812 KB Process of obtaining a motorcycle driving licence pdf | 38 KB

Your Initial Basic Training (IBT) instructor

By law, motorcycle riding lessons must be delivered by a RSA Approved Initial Basic Training (IBT) Instructor at an approved training centre. Only structured training with an Approved IBT Instructor counts towards getting your motorcycle driving licence.

Training with an individual who does not currently hold RSA approval will not count as part of your IBT and will need to be repeated with an RSA approved IBT Trainer. On the day of your training your IBT instructor will be happy to confirm their continuing RSA approval. 

Every Approved IBT Instructor has been assessed by the RSA to ensure that they have: 

  • the appropriate motorcycle riding skills to instruct you 
  • the road safety knowledge needed to teach you 
  • the ability to teach you in a safe and professional manner 
  • access to an approved IBT training site  

They are all Garda-vetted and must also show you documentation proving that they currently hold RSA approval. For you this ensures better, more consistent and safer standards of motorcycle riding instruction. 

IBT instructor's page

How to become an IBT instructor. Renewing your permit. Managing learner records. IBT centres. Top FAQs and resources.

Before choosing an Approved IBT Instructor

Here's a few things to consider when choosing an Approved IBT Instructor that's right for you: 

  • There is no standard fee for IBT lessons, each instructor is self-employed and sets their own fees
  • Contact different Approved IBT Instructors to compare fees, arrangements and convenience 
  • You can switch from one Approved IBT Instructor to another during your training 
  • Paying in advance for more than one lesson will limit your ability to switch instructors or change your scheduled lessons 
  • Ask family and friends for recommendations or advice on choosing your Approved IBT Instructor 
  • Only training with a currently Approved IBT Instructor counts as part of your IBT  
  • Check their registration when you enquire, and make sure to book and turn up for each lesson 

Check our register of Approved IBT Instructors for one near you. 

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Find an Initial Basic Training Instructor. All IBT Instructors must be approved by the RSA. Check the RSA register of IBT Instructors.