Your learner permit

Acquiring a learner permit is one of the steps you must take before learning how to drive. In this section you’ll find out where to apply for a permit and what documents you’ll need to include with your application. You’ll also discover where to get hold of the Rules of the Road booklet and what the theory test involves.

What it is

Explaining what a learner permit is and what you need to do to get one

How to apply

How to apply for or renew a learner permit and what your application should include

Novice Plates

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has announced changes to the driver licensing system that apply to newly qualified novice drivers and first time learner permit holders.

Rules of the road

Information on the knowledge and skills required for safe driving, understanding road signs and where to buy/download the rules of the road

The Theory Test

What you need to know about this key knowledge test for learner drivers. There are also theory tests for RSA approved driving instructors (ADI) and professional drivers (CPC).


Pilot Phase of New Remote Testing option for Bus, Truck, CPC and ADI Theory Tests

The Driver Theory test Service are rolling out a pilot phase of a new initiative, ProProctor, to allow customers to sit a driver theory test from the comfort of their own home for bus, truck, CPC and ADI theory tests. During the pilot phase remote testing will be available initially on a limited basis and extra capacity will be added as it is rolled out to allow more customers to sit their bus, truck, CPC or ADI theory test remotely. Following a review of the Pilot Phase we expect this initiative to be extended for car and motorcycles in the future.  Learn More here


Car and Motorcycle Training

Learn more about the Essential Driver Training (EDT) and Initial Basic Training (IBT) programmes.

Learning to drive videos

A series of ‘Learning to Drive’ videos explaining everything you need to know about the practical driving test and becoming a safe and socially responsible driver. There are 13 videos in the series, each of which deals with a different aspect of the ‘learning to drive’ process for driving a car, motorcycle, bus or truck. They provide additional support and guidance to  protect some of our most vulnerable road users.