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Emergency Services


Road safety campaign urging road users to act responsibly and safely when using the roads.

This campaign is a direct appeal from the emergency services who have experienced first-hand the tragic consequences of collisions on our roads. By observing safe behaviour, together we can save lives on our roads.

We hear from Firefighter Andrew McGowan,  Firefighter Teresa Hudson and Garda Adrian Corcoran who share some key messages on road safety and some of their own experiences.

Firefighter Teresa Hudson lost her uncle and 3 cousins to a road traffic collision and she knows in a spilt second how families can be wiped out.  Teresa's message is we are all road users and please take care off each other on our roads

Garda Adrian Corcoran adds that one lapse in concentration can have serious consequences on the road. He has been to many fatal collisions and it brings it all home. Adrian has a young family. His message is slow down, don't be using your mobile phone and always wear your seatbelt.

Firefighter Andrew McGowan has a young son and he arrived at a fatal collision to find a young child like his own was wearing the same pyjamas his own son was wearing that evening before he left the house. He says how you don’t want to be meeting him in the fire truck. You want to get home safely

This is a Tv led campaign supported by Video on demand, Radio, social media, and digital audio.

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