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Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue 30.01.2023

Raising awareness of the dangers of driver fatigue.

Fatigue is the physical and mental impairment brought on by the lack of sleep. You become at risk of nodding off while driving and therefore increase your risk of being involved in a crash. You should never fight sleep at the wheel. 


  • It is estimated that driver fatigue is a contributory factor in as many as one in five fatal crashes in Ireland every year.
  • tiredness-related collisions are three times more likely to be fatal or result in a serious injury
  • 28% of motorists in Ireland say they have fallen asleep or nodded off, even if only for a moment when driving ( Driver Attitudes and Behaviour Survey 2020).
  • Among people who drive for work, this increases to 33% who say they have ever fallen asleep or nodded off, even if only for a moment when driving. 

This is a TV led campaign supported by video on demand, Radio, Digital audio, social media and Outdoor. As part of the digital content, we are updating a video we created with Prof Walter McNicholas from St Vincent’s Sleep clinic to explain the need to Stop, Sip and Sleep. A joint press release with An Garda Sióchána to issue 4 April and it will also highlighting the RSA and Apple green free coffee giveaway for the bank holiday and the remaining bank holidays for the rest of 2022.

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