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RSA Urges Adults Not to Gift E-Scooters, Scramblers or Quad Bikes, on Day of The Late Late Toy Show

road safety 24.11.2023

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is urging adults not to purchase e-scooters, scramblers or quad bikes for any children this Christmas, in advance of the broadcast of tonight’s Late Late Toy Show.

Following the passing of legislation earlier this year permitting their use, people will be allowed to drive e-scooters on Irish roads next year. However, under the regulations, children will not be allowed to use them.

Under the legislation, which will come into force in 2024, you must be 16 years or older to use an e-scooter in Ireland.

The RSA is also reminding parents that quad bikes and scramblers pose a safety risk to children and are urging them not to gift them this Christmas.

Three e-scooter riders were killed and 48 seriously injured on Irish roads between January 1 2022 and September 24 2023. During the same period, one other road user was killed and 11 more seriously injured in collisions involving e-scooters.

Casualty figures show that between 2017 and 2021, 88 people were injured in collisions involving a quadbike or scrambler on a public road. In the same period, there were four fatalities involving quad bikes or scramblers on public roads.

Sam Waide, Chief Executive of the RSA, explained: “Parents should not consider purchasing an e-scooter for any child this Christmas. It is important that parents and members of the public are also aware of the risks associated with quadbikes and scramblers. They are intended to be driven by people in a supervised and controlled environment who understand the threat when driven on uneven ground.”