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Driving test updates

Manage your test directly through MyRoadSafety.

Please note that our customer service agents cannot manage driving test appointments over the phone or prioritise anyone’s position in the waiting list queue, so we kindly ask you not call for this information. Driving tests should be managed directly through our customer portal

Waiting times

Covid-19 has caused a backlog of customers waiting for a driving test so it may take some time before we can offer you an appointment.

Use our online estimator to get an idea of when you'll be invited to book your car test. All driver training sessions must have been completed and uploaded to your MyEDT account at least two weeks ago.

driving test estimator

Driving test waiting time estimator

When will I be invited to book my car test?

Important: The driving test estimator will not show a date for:

  • re-tests
  • non-car categories (e.g. bus, truck, motorbike)
  • anyone who isn't eligible to sit a test  Know more >
  • driving test applications or training completed less than two weeks ago

Re-test appointments

If you failed your car  test and reapplied, we will automatically send you another invitation to book a re-test 6 to 8 weeks after your failed test. For all other categories (e.g. bike, bus, truck), we will invite you to book a re-test as soon as we reach your application in the queue.

Please note that we can’t make earlier bookings over the phone.

If you received an invitation but didn't book at the time

If you were previously invited to book a test and didn't, you would have been removed from the invitation queue. If you’re now ready and eligible to sit the driving test, please complete this form and we’ll place you back in the queue at the point your last invitation expired. You will be emailed another invite when appointments become available at your chosen test centre.

Emergency appointments

If you're employed by the HSE, a private hospital or the emergency services and need to drive as part of your job (not including commuting to your place of work) you can request an emergency test.

For anyone else awaiting a test, there is no need to contact us. You will be sent a booking invitation as soon as we reach your application in the queue.

    Driving test cancellations due to Covid-19

    If your test was cancelled by us, we apologise for the inconvenience. You are on our priority list and should normally receive another booking invitation within a few days of your cancelled test. If you've been waiting longer than this, it could be due to demand in your preferred test centre, so please bear with us.

    If you have to cancel your test, please do this through your MyRoadSafety account. You will see an option to cancel under 'My Bookings' and make sure to select ‘Covid-19’ as your reason. This will ensure that your fee is saved and we will send you another invitation shortly after your cancelled test.

    If there are no appointments at your test centre

    If you've received a booking invitation from us but there are no appointments at your chosen test centre, you have a few options:

    1. Your invitation is valid for 10 days and driving test slots open every day in most test centres so please check again within your 10-day window for other availability.

    2. You can select a different test centre which may have alternative dates available. To do this,  click on the 'location' button on the driving test booking page in MyRoadSafety and select 'see more locations'.

    3. Let your booking invitation expire (after 10 days) and then complete this form to re-add yourself to the invitation queue. You will be sent another booking invitation when new slots become available.

    Appointments are prioritised based on eligibility

    In the interest of fairness, driving test appointment invitations will be issued in the following order:

    1. Critical frontline workers: priority customers whose request for an emergency test has been accepted.
    2. Re-tests: customers who have failed their test and reapplied. There’s a minimum six-week gap between failing your test and being invited for a retest.
    3. Eligibility and application date: the earlier a customer applied, the sooner they will get an appointment, provided they were eligible to sit a test at the time they applied.

    When you receive your booking invitation you will have 10 days to select an appointment. If you're not ready to sit a test, that's ok, you can hold off booking and re-add yourself to the invitation queue at a later stage.

    How we determine your place in the driving test queue