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Licensed Drivers

Novice plates

Why novice drivers must display novice plates. 

You must display novice plates (N-plates) on your vehicle for two years after receiving your first full driving licence.  This allows you to gain the experience required to become a safer driver. Our research tells us that novice drivers are most likely to be killed on our roads in the first two years after passing their test due to their inexperience.


More details about using N-plates

FAQs on Novice drivers and novice plates

About the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system

Novice plates, or similar systems are in place in many other EU countries, and these measures will help to bring Ireland closer into line with other EU jurisdictions. 

The main aims of the GDL system are: 
  • to improve how we train, test and license learner and novice drivers
  • to reduce the number of collisions, deaths and injuries among these drivers while they are learning to drive and immediately after they pass their test
  • to reduce the number of collisions, deaths and injuries especially among 17-24 year old drivers who are considered higher risk.