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Crashed Lives

Drink driving 30.11.2022

How drink driving destroys lives in so many ways.

This campaign highlights the devastating consequences of drink driving. In ‘For Ciaran’, our TV ad, we see a true life story of how drink driving destroys lives, families and communities.

The advert shows exactly how drink driving can smash so many lives to pieces. It focuses on a crash and all of the people who were affected as a result of Ciarán’s death. It shows the immediate family, learning to cope with physical and emotional trauma, the emergency service workers, people who arrived at the scene, nurses, the wider family and community. It reminds us that a crash is never just one person - it sends shockwaves throughout lives, families and communities.

The message is simple: stop and think of Ciarán the next time you consider drink-driving, find another way home and never ever drink and drive. 

The campaign will be on TV, Video, Radio, Digital Audio and Social media posts across all RSA platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In)

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