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Learner Drivers

Applying for your learner permit

Next steps when you pass your Driver Theory Test.

You can now apply online for your Learner Permit at the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) website. 

No need to complete paper forms, book appointments or attend an NDLS centre.  All you need is your Public Services Card and your verified MyGovID account

Alternatively, you can book an appointment to attend an NDLS centre and make your application for a learner permit in person.

Note: You must apply for your learner permit within two years of the date of your theory test. If you have not applied for your learner permit within two years you will have to sit and pay for the test again. 

Lost your driver theory test certificate

You can request a duplicate certificate by calling 1890 606 106 (Lo Call Rate), giving your name, address, date of birth and test confirmation number (your test confirmation letter/email received). Payment of €15.00 is required and can only be paid by Visa/Debit/MasterCard.

Adding categories

There are four different driver theory tests, relating to:

  • Motorcycles and mopeds (category A)
  •  Cars, work vehicles and land tractors (category BW) 
  • Heavy goods vehicles (category C) 
  • Buses (category D)

If you want to add a new category to your learner permit you will need to sit an additional theory test for that category.  You can apply online to add a category to your learner permit if you have a PSC and a verified MyGovid account, or book an appointment to attend any NDLS centre to have it added to your current learner permit.

Repeating your Driver Theory Test

In order to pass you will need to get 35 answers right out of 40 so it is inevitable some people will not succeed on their first attempt.

If you fail on the day of the test you will be provided with a written report (if appropriate to your test) showing the areas where you answered incorrectly. This may help alert you to any weaker areas you may have.

You may apply for a new test after three days. Apply in the normal way through the online booking page or by calling the information and booking line on 1890 606-106.

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test but, as a re-sitting fee is payable on each occasion and you cannot get a learner permit without a theory test certificate, it is in your interest to pass the test as soon as possible.

Revision Material 

The Driver Theory test service provide a range of learning material in the form of Books, CD- Rom, Online Learning Portal and App.  Learn More