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Professional drivers

2. Theory test


You can choose to take the online truck or bus theory test by booking an appointment to attend one of our 40+ theory test centres nationwide.

If you want to obtain a licence to drive both a truck and bus, you can take the combined bus and truck theory test. Both will check your knowledge of topics such as:

  • the Rules of the Road
  • risk perception
  • eco-driving
  • hazard awareness
  • safe driving behaviour.

The combined truck and bus (C and D) theory test covers a wider range of topics than the truck or bus theory tests alone. You will also be asked to answer a greater number of questions. 

Each theory test is computer-based and user-friendly, and works as follows:

  • the individual category C and D tests are 100 multiple-choice questions and you must correctly answer at least 74 of them to pass
  • the combined category C and D test is 140 multiple-choice questions and you must correctly answer at least 104 of them to pass.

You can prepare for the theory test by reading and learning the Rules of the Road. An approved Driver CPC trainer can also help you. There are a wide range of official printed, digital and online learning materials available. You can even practice the official questions and answers.

Study materials for your driver theory test

A range of study materials are available to help you prepare for and pass the driver theory test.

Using the official revision materials gives you the best chance of passing first time.

You can purchase online learning subscriptions, books, CD-ROMs and an App.

FormatAvailable materials

Printed Book and PDF

The Rules of the Road are for all road users - drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and others. The rules form the basis of road safety in Ireland and you must know them well to pass your driver theory test. The printed book is available at bookshops nationwide.

Printed Book

The Official RSA Driver Theory Test Trucks and Buses book includes a wide range of theory test questions and answers that feature on the official test.


The Official RSA Driver Theory Test CD provides all the information you need to pass your test and drive safely on the roads.


The Official Driver Theory Test Online is a web-based training solution that combines all the latest tools and resources to help you pass your test.


The Driver Theory Test Learning App offers you unlimited access to the Official RSA Driver Theory Test learning material and tracks your progress.

Booking your driver theory test

Before you book your driver theory test make sure you have:

Your theory test fee

The fee for your theory test for either category C (truck) or category D (bus) is €72.00. The fee for your combined bus and truck theory test for category C (truck) and category D (bus) vehicles is €84.00.

Theory test centre locations

You can book online and then take your theory test at any of the 40+ theory test centre locations nationwide.

Please familiarise yourself with Covid-19 safety protocols before attending a theory test centre.

Beware of unofficial websites

Beware of unofficial websites that appear to accept bookings for the driver theory test. These websites are fraudulent. For security, you should only book your test on the official driver theory test site.

If you're ready, you can go ahead and book your theory test.


Book your theory test

Book, reschedule or cancel a truck or bus theory test

Your driver theory test certificate is valid for two years

When you pass the truck, bus or combined bus and truck theory test you are issued with a theory test certificate. This is valid for up to two years. You should apply for a learner permit within that time. After two years the theory test certificate becomes invalid and if you have not exchanged this for the learner permit you will have to pay for and sit the theory test again. Successfully passing the combined bus and truck theory test allows you to apply for a bus and truck learner permit.

Special assistance and support for the driver theory test

If you have a condition that requires special assistance or support when taking the driver theory test, a range of supports is available.

To avail of these supports you will need to book them separately to your driver theory test:

Driver Theory Test
PO Box 15
Co. Louth

Repeating your driver theory test

Failing your driver theory test is disappointing. But it's a sign there are things you still need to learn. It's all about ensuring you're going to become a safely qualified driver.

You can apply for a new driver theory test three days after your previous test.

Now is the time to look at your written test report again. It will show you areas where you were weakest. You can use this information to go back to the learning materials materials and the Rules of the Road to strengthen your learning in those areas. This will help you prepare effectively for another attempt.

You can take the driver theory test as many times as you need. But you will need to pay a fee each time you take the test. One more reason why you should prepare as much as possible for the test.

Frequently asked questions

No. The truck and bus theory tests for CPC are the same as the regular truck and bus theory test but you will also need to pass a truck case study test as part of the process to become a professional truck driver and/or a bus case study test as part of the process to become a professional bus driver.

Yes. But we would not recommend this as the multiple choice theory test can take up to 3 hours to complete (depending on which theory test you have applied for) and the case study test takes 1.5 hours to complete. 

No. Once you have passed the theory test in the relevant category you can go ahead and apply for your learner permit straight away and take your case study test at a later time.