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Professional drivers

9. Apply for your first driver CPC card

Once you've passed the four CPC test stages - theory test, case study test, practical driving test and walkaround test - you can apply for your driver CPC card. 



Only apply for your driver CPC card after you've successfully added the bus and/or truck category to your driving licence, otherwise your application will be rejected.

How to add a category to your licence

How to apply for your first driver CPC card

To apply for your driver CPC card, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download a Driver CPC card application form.   
  2. Complete this form and include a recent passport-sized photograph, with your name signed on the back
  3. Post the completed form and photograph to: Driver Education Section, Moy Valley Business Park, Primrose Hill, Dublin Road, Ballina, Co. Mayo.

*Please Note: There is no fee for this service.*

If all of your details are in order, you should receive your driver CPC card within 20 working days of your application. It will be sent by post to the address you included in the form. You can't drive professionally until you receive this card.


Renewing your driver CPC card

We automatically renew your driver CPC card every five years, provided all of your periodic training is up to date.

Frequently asked questions

No, you can't, even if you've applied for one and are waiting for it to arrive. You can only drive a truck or bus professionally when you have a valid driver CPC card.  If you are stopped by an RSA Transport Officer or An Garda Síochána and you do not have your Driver CPC card, penalties will apply.

Whether you've applied for a first-time driver CPC card, or your current one is due for renewal, please allow at least 20 working days (from the date of application) for your driver CPC card to arrive.

If it has been longer than this, there could be a number of reasons, such as an incorrect address or incomplete CPC training modules. Know more

You may be permitted to return to work as a professional driver without the need to undergo the full process to re-qualify for a driver CPC card, if you:

You may also qualify for a driver CPC card if you're a driver:

This means you were already working as professional driver and got your truck driving licence on or before 9 September 2009 or your bus driving licence on or before 9 September 2008.