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Procurement and contract management

Procurement and contract management

How we procure products and services and manage contracts. 

Our Procurement and Contract Management Office is responsible for our procurement strategy, policy, processes and plans. We actively support our staff in conducting their procurement and contract management activities and ensure that such activities are conducted in a compliant manner while delivering value for money.

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Our procurement processes 

We conduct all of our procurement activities in accordance with national and EU legislation governing public procurement. 

Our procurement processes are governed by the national and EU legislation on public procurement. Briefly, we source goods and services in line with the following procedures: 

  • Up to €4,999 – one written quotation. 
  • Between €5,000 and up to €49,999 – written quotations are sought from three competitive suppliers (if such number exists). 
  • Between €50,000 and applicable EU threshold – requests for tenders are advertised on the eTenders website
  • Above EU threshold – Requests for tenders are advertised on eTenders and in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Current tender competitions 

All our public tender competitions are advertised on the eTenders website.

Public contracts awarded

All contracts awarded following public competitions are notified via the eTenders website.