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6: Stage 3: Instruction ability test

The stage 3 instruction ability test examines your ability to instruct and train a learner driver. To do this, your examiner adopts the role of a learner driver under instruction for the duration of the practical test.

In order to take the Approved Driving Instructor stage 3 driving test, you must meet a number of requirements.

You must have:

  • have passed the stage 2 ADI driving test
  • a valid, full driving licence that you have held for at least two years in the licence categories for which you want to give driving instruction.

You must:

  • supply a vehicle for the driving test
  • the ADI Examiner must be insured to drive the vehicle being provided for the test
  • display valid, original motor and insurance tax discs.

The vehicle must meet the minimum requirements for the category, be roadworthy and, if applicable, display a valid National Car Testing (NCT) or a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) certificate for vehicle and trailer.

The first phase of the instruction ability test examines your ability to instruct a beginner learner driver in one of a number of key manoeuvres and learning matters, such as:

  • explanation of the cockpit drill and starting the vehicle
  • approaching junctions to turn left or right
  • the emergency stop
  • use of ‘running commentary’.

The second phase of the instruction ability test examines your ability to instruct a more experienced driver: at driving test level. It uses one of a similar number of key manoeuvres and learning matters as in the first phase.

You will receive the result of your stage 3 test within 10 working days.

How to book a stage 3 ADI instruction ability test

The ADI instruction ability test forms stage three of a three-stage qualification process.

There are two steps to booking your ADI instruction ability test:

  • Step 1: Indicate at which centre you wish to take the test on your  Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Permit application.
  • Step 2: Once you have successfully passed your stage 2 ADI driving test, you will receive an email from the Driver Education Section. This email will contain your driving test results together with a form and details for applying for the stage 3 instruction ability test.

The stage 3 ADI instruction ability test fee is currently €200.00.

Study material for your stage 3 ADI instruction ability test

The RSA has produced an ADI Information Pack to help all ADI candidates know what's needed to become an Approved Driving Instructor. It covers:

  • ADI Assessment Guide - how ADI performance is judged
  • The Driving Instructor's Handbook - a professional resource for ADI candidates considering applying to register as a driving instructor
  • RSA Approved Instructor Booklet - information for qualified instructors
  • driving test information - marking guidelines, preparation, check test and vehicle standards
  • Essential Driver Training (EDT) and Initial Basic Training (IBT) booklets - information on how learner driver and learner motorcyclist training courses work
  • the Rules of the Road
Open our ADI Information Pack here
Rules of the Road( English) pdf | 19605 KB

Cancel or reschedule the stage 3 ADI instruction ability test

To cancel or reschedule your stage 3 ADI instruction ability test you must complete and submit this test cancellation webform.

You must give at least 10 working days' notice of a cancellation or rescheduling request. Otherwise you will lose your driving test fee and will have to pay again to sit the driving test.

If you have already cancelled two or more driving tests you will be unable to cancel the test without losing your fee.