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  • International conference on Intelligent Speed Assistance

    The Road Safety Authority (RSA) Hosted its 2016 International Road Safety Conference at Dublin Castle on Thursday 28th April. The theme of the conference focused on the use of technology to manage speed and ran from 10am to 13.35pm in the Main Conference Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

  • 8th Annual Academic Lecture - 30km/h limits

    The Road Safety Authority held their eight Annual Academic Lecture, marking the first day of ‘Irish Road Safety Week’ which ran until Sunday 8 October. The theme of the lecture was ‘30km/h limits’ and was attended by over 100 road safety stakeholders.

  • 10th Annual Academic Lecture – Driver Fatigue

    The Road Safety Authority held their tenth Annual Academic Lecture, marking the first day of ‘Irish Road Safety Week’ which will run to Sunday 11 October. This year’s lecture focused on ‘Driver Fatigue’ and over 200 road safety stakeholders attended the online webinar.

  • World day of Remembrance 2021

    The Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was first held in 1993 in the United Kingdom and organised since then by non-governmental organizations in a number of countries. It was created to give recognition to victims of road traffic crashes and for their loved ones.

  • Crashed Lives

    How drink driving destroys lives in so many ways

  • National Hi-Viz Day

    On the longest night of the year ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ on Irish Roads

  • Road Safety Authority Annual Academic Lecture - Serious Injuries

    The Road Safety Authority hosted online their Annual Academic Lecture focusing on serious injuries.

  • Mobile phones and distractions

    Highlighting the dangers and consequences of using a mobile phone while driving.

  • Emergency Services

    Road safety campaign urging road users to act responsibly and safely when using the roads.

  • Driver Fatigue

    Raising awareness of the dangers of driver fatigue.

  • Motorway Safety

    This campaign demonstrates when and how to change lanes correctly on a motorway. You should only use the hard shoulder in the case of an emergency, call for help and wait at a safe place, behind the barrier. Never ever walk on a motorway

  • Cycle Safety

    Advice to drivers to be aware of cyclists and give at least 1.5 space when overtaking

  • Anti-drug driving

    Road Safety Campaign raising awareness of the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs.

  • Motorcycle Safety

    This campaign asks motorcyclists to slow down and ‘ease off the throttle’ as bikers speeding is a factor in a third of motorcyclist fatal collisions.

  • Male Campaign

    Our male campaign is aimed at making male motorists aware that they are most at risk on the roads.

  • Older pedestrians

    Road safety campaign aimed at making motorists aware of older pedestrians to help reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries among this age group.

  • Seatbelts

    Promoting the use of seat belts as a key road safety behaviour.

  • Irish Road Safety Week

    Irish Road Safety Week (IRSW) will be taking place from Monday 3 October to Sunday 9 October.

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