High-back Booster seat

The Road Safety Authority recommend that you get a booster seat that gives as much protection as possible to a child’s head, neck and spine. These seats are commonly called ‘High-Back Booster Seats’. Booster seats raise the child up high enough so that the seatbelt is positioned correctly on their bodies (on the shoulder, not the neck; and on the pelvis, not the stomach).


Booster seats do not have an internal (built-in) harness. The adult seatbelt fitted in the car goes around the child and through the appropriate guides of the seat. It is important that the seatbelt is correctly adjusted so that it is correctly positioned on the child’s shoulder and pelvis, and that there is no slack in the seatbelt when it’s fastened.


Some booster seats are designed to be converted into a booster cushion later on by detaching the back rest.