Sporting organisations

Road safety guidelines for sporting organisations

Play it Safe!

Sport plays a significant role in the personal, social and physical development of the individual.

It is essential young people are given every chance to participate in sporting activities where they will have an opportunity to develop these skills.

Travelling to training sessions and games both at home and away, throughout the country is an essential element of a young person’s sporting activities.

Collisions do and will occur on our roads, however, we all have a duty of care to run activities in a way that minimises the likelihood and severity of collisions.

The RSA, in association with the FAI, GAA, IRFU and Cycling Ireland have developed road safety guidelines for sporting organisations (PDF)

The guidelines present information on:

  • organising sporting events with road safety in mind,
  • encouraging the use of high visibility material,
  • safe driving practices
  • other important road safety information