Special Purpose Vehicles

Vehicles that belongs to either to category M, N or O having specific technical features

Category Description Entry into Service/Registration Requirements Road Worthiness Testing Requirements

For all categories of incomplete vehicles and for completed vehicles belonging to category M1, the letter ‘S’ shall be added as suffix to the letter and numeral identifying the vehicle category.

Special purpose vehicles means a vehicle that belongs either to category M, N or O having specific technical features in order to perform a function which requires special arrangements and/or equipment e.g. motor caravan, armoured vehicles, ambulances, hearses, wheelchair accessible vehicle, trailer caravans, mobile cranes.

*Note only M1 wheelchair accessible vehicles are deemed to be special purpose vehicles.  M2 and M3 vehicles with wheelchair access are not deemed to be special purpose vehicles

From the 29th April 2012 new M1 Special Purpose Vehicles must have either EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) or national approval for individual vehicles (IVA) or vehicles produced in small series (NSSTA) in order to be registered in Ireland. Most M1 Special Purpose Vehicles are roadworthiness tested by NCT
N1S, N2S, N3S, M2S, M3S, O1S, O2S, O3S, O4S ECWVTA will apply to Special Purpose Vehicles from 29th October 2014 All other Special Purpose vehicles and certain M1’s including motor caravans and hearses are tested annually by the Vehicle Testing network (VTN)