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Closed Consultations

Closed consultations which have taken place relating to vehicle standards

Public Consultation on Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing

Bearing Point (on behalf of the RSA) is conducting a review of the current Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness testing (CVRT) system.


Proposed amendments to the Euopean Communities (Road Vehicles:Type-Approval) Regulations 2009

The RSA is consulting on amendments to Schedule 3 of SI 158 of 2009 regarding technical specifications for national approval schemes (NSSTA and IVA).  The consultation can be downloaded from here (PDF)..  This consultation is now closed.

Testing of Vintage Vehicles

Public consultation on testing of Vintage Vehicles.

HCV & LCV Testers Manuals

The Road Safety Authority have now published new drafts of the HCV  & LCV Tester Manuals. The manuals are intended to achieve standardised and consistent testing of  HCV and LCV. We would welcome any views or comments you may have on the test manuals before Monday the 17th of June.

Consultation on Post Registration Vehicle Modifications

Public consultation on post registration vehicle modifications as part of a review process being carried out on this subject.  (Closed 20th March 2013).

Part-worn tyres

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for part-worn (second hand) tyres in Ireland. On the 8th of November the Road Safety Authority (RSA) launched a public consultation to seek the views of members of the public, industry and other interested parties on the options available for part-worn tyres. The consultation will close on 20th December 2013.

CRW issuing consultation

The RSA seek to receive feedback on the current CRW issuing system for commercial vehicles. The consultation will enable the RSA to assess views on the system and to gather recommendations.

Roadworthiness Testing & Roadside checks

The EU Commission has published proposals relating to vehicle roadworthiness testing and roadside checks. (Closed 5th October 2012)

Selected Vehicle Components

Proposal that all replacement brake linings, exhaust silencers and coupling devices placed on sale are Original Equipment or that they are approved replacements to EC or UNECE standards. (Closed 2nd March 2012)

CVR Operator Consultation

Proposed commercial vehicle roadworthiness reforms as relates to registered owners, operators and drivers. (Closed 4th November 2011)

CVR Test Centre Consultation

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is currently engaged in the implementation of a wide-ranging Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (CVR) reform programme. (Closed 4th May 2011)

Class VI Front Blind Spot Mirrors

The Road Safety Authority has launched a public consultation seeking the views of interested parties on proposals to introduce the mandatory fitment of front blind spot (Class VI) mirrors to all HGV motor vehicles with DGVW exceeding 7.5 t. (Closed 27th April 2011)

Written off Vehicles

As the standard of vehicles on our roads is fundamental to road safety this consultation proposes ways in which the current administrative system to deal with written-off vehicles can be enhanced.  (Closed 4th February 2011)

Safety belts on buses

We are undertaking a review of the regulation, classification and safety issues associated with the fitting and wearing of safety belts on mini-buses, buses and coaches (buses) carrying children. (Closed 27th May 2010)

Testing of Motor Caravans

The RSA launched  a public consultation on 31st March 2010 undertaking a review of Motor Caravan roadworthiness testing. (Closed 12th May 2010)

Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

This involves vehicles having forward facing lamps turned on during the hours of daylight in an effort to make vehicles more conspicuous and increase road safety. (Closed 29th January 2010)

Compulsory Fitment of Spray Suppression Systems

Consultation on Proposed Regulations for the Compulsory Fitment of Spray Suppression Systems to Certain Goods. (Closed 24th July 2009)

Proposed changes to the NCT 2009

RSA proposals to add new test items to the National Car Test in early 2010 (Closed 27th March 2009).

Proposed changes to the braking requirement

Update on proposed amendment to braking requirements in Irish law. (Closed 6th March 2009)

Agricultural vehicles and works vehicles

Use of agricultural vehicles and works vehicles on public roads. (Closed 5th August 2008)