Trailer Licensing

Find out some of the main offences relevant to trailer licensing

Legal instrument Offence description Penalty

SI No. 35 of 1982

Road Traffic (Licensing of Trailers and Semi-trailers) Regulations 1982
Regulation 19

Trailer licence

Contravention of provisions of Regulation 3 – use of vehicle in public place after commencement of Regulations without being licensed in accordance with the Regulations

On summary conviction, first offence – a fine not exceeding €1,000.  Second offence under same section/subsection – a fine not exceeding €2,000.  Third or subsequent offence under same section/subsection within 12 consecutive months - fine not exceeding €2,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 months, or both (s.102, Road Traffic Act, 1961 as amended and s.10, Road Traffic Act, 1968)


The table above should not be treated as a legal interpretation of any law requirements. It is a matter for each operator, owner and driver to ensure that he or she complies with the applicable law.