Brexit and NCT EU Roadworthiness Certificates

Recognition of UK certificates of roadworthiness (MOT certificate) in the event of UK exiting the EU


In the event of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU), NCTS on behalf of the RSA will cease the processing of Mutual Recognition applications in respect of UK private vehicles being imported into the State after the departure date. These recognition certificates recognise the unexpired portion of EU certificates of roadworthiness issued by a Member State in respect of a vehicle being re-registered in the State.

As a consequence, private vehicles over four years or more imported from the UK and re-registered in the State from date the UK leave the EU will be subject to a National Car Test (NCT) in line with the date of registration in Ireland. 

The advice to vehicle owners importing and re-registering private vehicles is to check if the vehicle has a valid UK certificate of roadworthiness (known as a MOT certificate) and if so, the owner may submit Mutual Recognition Application form as soon as possible before UK departure date to the NCTS for the application to be processed. Further information on how to do this can be found at

In the event that the UK departure date is deferred, the RSA will publish revised guidance for vehicle owners.

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