Certificate for carrying dangerous goods (ADR)

Any vehicle which carries or transports dangerous goods is required by law to meet certain detailed technical requirements.

What is ADR

ADR are the initials of a French phrase meaning "international agreement concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road".

All vehicles which require an ADR cert must have an ADR test carried out each year.

Before applying 

You should consult your Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)

In the European Union, organisations that transport, load or unload dangerous goods in quantities above certain levels, whether by road, rail or inland waterway, are required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). The DGSA can be an owner or employee of the organisation involved, or a consultant.

How to apply for an ADR road vehicle approval certificate

Book an ADR Test Online

  • Apply online for your ADR test on CVRT.ie
  • Consult with DGSA to ensure ADR examination is properly completed (e.g tank code and specical provisions code)  
  • Applications should be, made no less than 10 working days before the inspection is required
  • If the vehicle has a current certificate then you should enclose a photocopy (of both sides) of the certificate along with your application.
  • You will need to have passed a roadworthiness test within 40 days of the confirmed appointment date. You can book your test on CVRT.ie
  • Seperate applications must be made for each vehicle (i.e motor vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer ) for which an ADR certificate is required

About the ADR Test

Once you have selected your preferred ADR test centre you should note the following:

  • in the case of some vehicle types it may be necessary for vehicles to be presented with covers removed so that markings can be seen e.g battery master switch
  • If you are unable to keep an appointment for an examination you should contact the test centre as soon as possible as fees may be forfeited for late cancellation or no shows 

The ADR certificate

ADR vehicle certificates are:

  • renewable annually
  • non-transferable - if you buy a vehicle which has a current ADR cert you must reapply for a certificate in your own name


The cost of an ADR certificate is €184.51 ( This charge is split between the RSA €91.50 and the relevant ADR test centre €93.01 )

You should include a crossed cheque or postal order for €91.50 made payable to the Road Safety Authority along with your completed application form. 

Replacement ADR certificates

 If you lose or damage your ADR certificate you must apply for a replacement certifcate. No re-test is required provided that there are no changes in the vehicle or the owner/operator. The replacement certificate is issued for a fee of €36.30 made payable to the Road Safety Authority and submitted to the address below.

Extension of ADR Certificates

You must submit your original ADR Cert for extension with required documents to the address below. There is no fee for the extension of an ADR certificate. 
ADR Unit,
Vehicle Standards Section,
Road Safety Authority, 
Moy Valley Business Park,
Primrose Hill,
Dublin Road,
Co. Mayo.

Further Information

If you require further information relating to ADR then you can contact 096 25035 or email adrtestapplication@rsa.ie