Your Car

How to ensure your vehicle is test-ready

Your car

Just as you can’t play football with a burst ball or play tennis with a broken racquet, you can’t do a driving test with a sub-standard test vehicle. While you’re learning to drive, and on the day of your driving test, it’s critical that your car or motorcycle is mechanically and structurally sound. Regardless of how proficient a driver you are, if your vehicle doesn’t meet the requirements on the day of the test, your test will not be conducted and your fee will be forfeit.

If you pass your test in an automatic car, you are limited to driving vehicles in that category with automatic transmission. If you wish to drive a manual vehicle you will be required to sit and pass a further driving test to remove this restriction from your driving licence.

The checklist

Before taking your test, you should read the following publication, Checklist for your driving test(PDF)

Motor Tax/NCT/Insurance/ L Plates

For those busily preparing for the driving test, Motor Tax, NCT,  Insurance and L Plates can sometimes slip under the radar. So remember, you must have a current motor tax disc, a current insurance disc, a valid NCT disc (if required) and L Plates front and rear of the vehicle clearly legible and displayed. A confirmation note will not suffice for Motor Tax, NCT or Insurance.