Bunrialacha do thiománaithe digiteacha

Some good habits for drivers of vehicles fitted with digital tachographs 

When driving a vehicle with a digital tachograph, you should:

  • use the driver card every day you drive, starting from the moment you take over the vehicle
  • set the mode switch to the correct activity and make sure to use it
    throughout your working period to record other work, periods of availability, rests and breaks
  • remove your driving card when the vehicle is taken over by another driver, or when the vehicle is not under your custody or if another driver could drive it
  • protect your card, keep it clean and do not bend it
  • record the country in which you begin and end your daily work period
    (always doing this at the start and end of the period)
  • manually enter your activities if any – other work, breaks, rest and periods of availability – since you last removed your driver card from a tachograph.

From 1 January 2008, you must be able to produce, whenever an enforcement officers requests them:

  • your driver card
  • any manual record and printout made during the current day and the
    previous 28 days and
  • analogue charts for any vehicle fitted with an analogue tachograph driven by the driver in the current day and the previous 28 days