Bileoga & Póstaeir

We produce many leaflets which you can download here and print off to create your own awareness campaign! Find informational resources on topics such as Driver Fatigue, Pedestrian and Motorcycle safety and much more.

Size: 11MB

Going to school

A parents guide to getting children to school safely

Size: 543kB

Correct use of lights

Information note on the correct use of your lights when driving.

Size: 3MB

Horse road safety booklet

Size: 2MB

Road Safety Advice for Drawing Light Trailers

Size: 1MB

Your guide to Tyre safety

October 2014

Size: 5MB

Driving under the influence of drugs

Information on how drugs affect drivers

Size: 1MB

Sharing the road with Emergency Vehicles

Some basic tips

Size: 565kB


Using the correct lane

Size: 696kB

Charitable Events

Information leaflet

Size: 4MB

Child Safety in Cars

Information on correctly fitting a child car seat.

Size: 4MB

Cycle Safety

Some tips on safer cycling

Size: 728kB

Driver tiredness

A booklet showing the facts about driver fatigue

Size: 4MB

Get it on - Seatbelt Safety

No seatbelt - No excuse

Size: 633kB

Helping Learner Drivers to Drive Safely

This leaflet provides advice to the person(s) acting as accompanying driver about helping learner car drivers during supervised private driving practice.

Size: 1MB

Medicines and driving

Information and FAQ's

Size: 319kB

Mobile phones and driving

The facts about mobile phones and road safety

Size: 3MB

Motorway Driving

Although motorways are statistically the safest way of moving large volumes of traffic, there are still risks to drivers who use them.

Size: 806kB

Pedestrian safety action plan

This document seeks to obtain the input and views of a broad range of stakeholders on the enhancement of pedestrian safety on Irish roads through the development of a fully integrated Pedestrian Safety Action Plan.

Size: 788kB

Preparing for your test

This booklet offers adivce on how best to be prepared for your driving test.

Size: 533kB

Road safety and the law in Ireland

Leaflet that summarises the different laws pertaining to Irish Road Safety.

Size: 403kB

RSA Faster The Speed Web Version 31.7.15

Size: 978kB

Sharing the road:Advice for Motorcyclists

Important advice for sharing the road safely.

Size: 3MB

Street Smart

StreetSmart is an exciting initiative set up by the Road Safety Authority which aims to bring issues of road safety to life for young school children

Size: 226kB

The Brighter Way to Save Lives

This leaflet stresses the importance of Day time running lights.

Size: 1MB

This is your Bike

A safety guide for you and your motorcyle or moped.