Croke Park Agreement 2010-2014

This page outlines our commitment to the Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement 2010-2014 and updates our progress on the actions which we have outlined.

Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement 2010 – 2014 – Action plan for Change

The following agencies form a group known as the Transport Non-Commercial State Agencies Sector:

  • Road Safety Authority (RSA)
  • Railway Safety Commision (RSC)
  • Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR)
  • National Transport Authroity (NTA) which now inculdes Commision for Taxi Regulation (CTR)
  • Medical Bureau of Road Safety (MBRS)
  • National Roads Authority (NRA)

These agencies have come together to create the Transport Non-Commercial State Agency Sector Action Plan (PDF) You can also view the Department of Transport Action Plan which also has a number of projects which relate to the Road Safety Authority.

 In addition to the above actions, we are progressing, in consultation with the Trade Unions, a number of projects under the Croke Park Agreement to maximise efficiencies and enhance the service we deliver to the public.

View further information on RSA Projects - Croke Park Agreement (PDF)