Practical Driving Test


Before you can take your practical driving test you need to have:

  • passed your Driver theory test
  • passed your CPC case study test
  • your truck or bus learner permit

We recommend that you take your practical driving test and walkaround(link) test on the same day. 

Book your test

You can book a test with the RSA

What to take to your test?

You must bring a road legal truck or bus that meets the rules.

You must also bring a valid Irish learner permit for the category of test you are taking.

Your test will be cancelled, and you will lose your fee if you don’t bring these.

How the test works

Your practical test will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes:

  • vehicle safety and technical questions
  • practical road driving

Vehicle safety and technical questions

During your test you will be asked vehicle safety and technical questions on either:

  • trucks or buses 
  • trucks or buses towing trailers

Practical road driving

During your practical road driving, the tester will see how you:

  • use the vehicle controls
  • move away uphill
  • do a reverse manoeuvre 
  • use the mirrors
  • give appropriate signals
  • show awareness and anticipation of other road users’ intentions
  • manage your progress and control your vehicle speed
  • deal with hazards
  • select a safe place to stop

Before taking your practical test you should read the marking guidelines and how a driving tester conducts a test

Test result

After you’ve taken the practical test your tester will tell you if you’ve passed and explain how you did. 

If you do the practical test and the walkaround test on the same day you will get the result of both after the walkaround test. 

The Driving Tester will give you a Certificate of Competency. You will use this to apply for your full driving license. Your Certificate of Competency is valid for 2 years.

You’ll pass your test if you make:

  • 3 or fewer driving faults on a single driving behavior
  • less than 8 driving faults overall
  • no serious or dangerous faults

We recommend that you review the marking guidelines before taking your test.

If you fail, you can book another driving test straight away.

Cancel a test

If you can’t sit your test, you can cancel that test and apply for another one.


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