Driving Test Update


Please note that our customer service agents cannot book or cancel driving tests over the phone or offer updates on waiting times, so we kindly ask you not to call for this information. Driving tests should be managed directly through



Are you an essential worker who needs a test urgently?

If you’re an essential worker who has already applied for a test and completed all of your driver training, please fill in an urgent test request form and we’ll prioritise your application. Know more >



Need to add yourself to the driving test waiting list?

Please sign up or log into our new customer portal to apply for a driving test and add yourself to the waiting list. This video will show you how



Essential worker declaration form for driver training

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) can offer Essential Driver Training (EDT) to essential workers. If you need to complete your driver training, please fill in an  essential worker declaration form and present it to your instructor.





Covid-19 safety measures

We have put in place Covid-19 safety measures for the driving test which must be followed or your appointment will not go ahead. Know more>

Getting your Driver CPC card


You’ll get your Driver CPC card when you’ve done 35 hours of periodic training.

If you have returned to professional driving, your will have to complete the periodic training and then send the Return to Professional Driving Declaration Form and the Driver Qualification Card Application Form to the RSA.

When you will be sent your card

You will get your new Driver CPC card if you complete your training in the 12 months before your current card expires. You can find the expiry date of your current CPC card on the front of the card.

If you complete your training more than a year early

You will not get your new Driver CPC card until nearer the time your current card expires. 

How the card is sent to you

Your Driver CPC card will be sent automatically to the address on your MyCPC portal

You need to change this address first if it’s wrong.

The Driver CPC card does not have your address on it, so you do not have to get a new one if your address changes.

Waiting for your card

You cannot drive professionally until you get your Driver CPC card. 

If your card does not arrive

If you are compliant in your training  on your MyCPC portal and you have not received your new Driver CPC card before the current card has expired submit a query to the RSA. 

Driver CPC card replacements

You must replace your Driver CPC card if it’s lost or stolen.